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〝The beauty of a city does not come from nowhere or simply lies on the surface; it is deeply rooted in the soil, and then blossoms vigorously.〞
The attractiveness of Taichung originates in its abundant ecosystems, the ancient glamour of history, and incredible arts and literature.
While endeavoring to achieve modernization as well as remember the past, Taichung strives to meet the international standards to be globally well-known as well.
Nature and Ecology
Greater Taichung backs onto mountains and is beside the sea; the west coast is dozens of kilometers long and has sandbanks, stony beaches, wetlands, and tidal zones, where the rising and ebbing of the tide nurtures a rich natural ecology.
In the east there are high mountains and forests, full of wildlife and covered with lush vegetation, where high quality fruit and vegetables are grown all year round, and where there surprises at every turn. Visitors can visit both the mountains and coast, explore the beauty of nature, and enjoy a relaxing LOHAS trip.
Cycling Tour
Taichung City has 21 cycle paths that offer riders a pleasant ride through countryside, along the coast and through fields full of flowers, and are suitable for all the family.
Let's take some time out of our busy lives and enjoy the thrill of speeding along outside the city with the wind in our hair.
History and Humanities
TangDynasty Emperor Taizong said “Looking into the histories you foresee the destiny of your nation.” For history and culture Taichung can compete with anywhere in Taiwan. Since ancient times Taichung has been an important cultural and economic center in central Taiwan and over the years the lands has seen its fortunes rise and fall only to rise again.
The historic sites and buildings that are left today tell us how the people of the past lived. These cultural relics and old buildings accumulated over time have a deep cultural significance and are truly fascinating. Taichung has the appearance of a modern city yet within it are preserved cultural sites that retain the flavor of the past.
Major Events
Thereare many ways to travel – but travel that suits local conditions will certainly be the most relaxing and fun. In coordination with festivals through the year, Taichung City holds various events that let people have a fun time in the city.
In this city of diverse events and beautiful scenic spots, what is the best way for the visitor to have fun and take full advantage of what the city has to offer? Follow our guide to having fun through the seasons and you can be sure to have a whole new experience in Taichung.
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