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Gaomei Lighthouse

Posted Date:2017/11/21 2204


Gaomei Lighthouse is located in the Northwest of Qingshui District at the South bank of Dajia River mouth by Gaomei wetland. The red and white, 38.7-meter-high octagon lighthouse was built in 1967 to guide ships sailing in the 100-sea-mile water between Baishajia Lighthouse in Taiyuan County and Mudouyu Lighthouse in Penghu.
The head light of Gaomei Lighthouse consists of 15 million lamps. It rotates at the rate of 30 seconds a round and flashes three consecutive times. Sailors can be assured that they are proceeding on the correct course as they see the flash of Gaomei Lighthouse. The beacon is also announced in the Notice to Mariner globally.
The grassland surrounding Gaomei Lighthouse features a precious endangered plant known as the  Chinese spiranthes. The miniature sized plant is a species of orchid. April to May is the main flowering period during which many visitors flock to see the adorable flowers in white and reddish purple. 


No.748, Gaomei Rd., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City

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