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Wu Chi Old Street

Posted Date:2017/11/21 2468


Wuchi District is a hot travel destination in coastal Taichung. The development of Wu Chi Old Street originated from Dingheng Street, the only street where architectures built in Qing dynasty can still be found whereas most houses built in the same period were destroyed in a big earthquake in 1936. Among most Baroque-style architectures on Wu Chi Old Street, Wuchi Police Station is the most iconic building. Speaking of the numerous temples in Wuchi, Zhen Wu Temple and Chao Yuan Temple are the most prestigious temples. Seeing the detailed interior decors of the temples, visitors can perhaps get a feel of the pious commitment of the predecessors who built to temples.
The hundred-year-old Wu Chi Old Street does not have noisy marketplaces or crowds of tourists. Rather, it appears solitary in the aftermath of prosperity. The old, slightly decayed houses on both sides of the road used to be home to thriving businesses. Visitors are advised to do some research on the history of Wu Chi Old Street so that your visit can be more enjoyable in a meaningful way. Lastly, your journey on Wu Chi Old Street must not end without tasting some douhua and savory cakes.


Dingheng St., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City

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    1. 全台唯一鉚釘紙塑立體工藝立體彩繪牆面重現老街風華 2. 全台第1座赤腳走大轎的發源廟在梧棲老街朝元宮 3. 建議逛完海線三井Outlet後, 直接到訪梧棲老街停留2小時逛逛吃美食
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    夏日炎炎,想要體驗小鎮生活那就必須逛逛梧棲老街。雖然得承認,老街在幾年前的老街重造下,沒有三峽、大溪老街重造的成功。 反而在舊寺廟朝元宮旁,為了宗教迎神祭典的場地,將原有老街建築破壞,這是很可惜的一件事情。 梧棲老街有很多對古老的商店,還有一家老店「林異香齋」,他們的招牌鹹蛋糕口味不錯,裡頭餡料是滷肉,跟鹿港不大相同。近年來,新開的店「梧棲小鎮」鹹蛋糕口味更多變化,也可以冰的吃。 沿著梧棲老...

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