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Guang Fu New Village

Posted Date:2021/08/13 4873


Located in Wufeng District, Guangfu New Village is the first new village built after WWII. It is now a favored location for wedding photography and film making.
Guanghu New Village was dorm compound sponsored by the United States government to accommodate the dependents of civil servants of the Education Department, Provincial Government. It holds a special place in Taiwan’s architectural and urban history for its unique design of the latest concept of a garden city at the time which aimed to integrate work and residential areas and create a green living space of low resident density. The village features organized streets, refreshing environment and the very first underground sewage system that separates rainwater and wastewater.
After community revitalization, Guangfu New Village has turned into a cultural and creative village where artists and entrepreneurs came to establish their creative base within the mottled historic red brick walls.
Visitors can also visit 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan nearby Guangfu New Village. It is where you can witness the nature’s power of destruction. 


No. 2-3, Heping Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City

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  • Erico2709

    Trip Type:

    Skip visiting on weekdays

    Traveler rating:3 2019-11

    The place is very serene but will advise to avoid on weekdays. There are eateries and shops here but I think they are mainly catered for weekend crowds.
  • kimitakas

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel


    Traveler rating:3 2018-12

    After I visited 921 Earthquake Museum, I passed by this village. It is something similar to Shenjin Village in Taichung. But for me, there was nothing special.
  • earlgreyane

    Trip Type:


    Nothing much to visit during weekdays

    Traveler rating:2 2018-06

    Visited the area during a weekday morning as my husband and I went to the 921 Earthquake museum which was located in the Village. Nothing much to visit during weekdays as most of the houses were...
  • I2855IImaxp

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel

    Great food!!!

    Traveler rating:4 2016-09

    This is supposed to be a typical village, and you can find quite a lot of hand-made stuff. Not bad, but not amazing. What IS amazing is this place called "cheer dots". Coming from the earthquake...
  • jasmineyali

    Trip Type:



    Traveler rating:3 2020-10

    參觀完921地震教育園區後步行來這個眷村文創市集 假日遊客眾多 「民族路」和「和平路」最熱鬧 文創商店、冰品飲料店、麵包點心店林立 每一間都裝飾佈置的很有特色 適合觀光客參訪用餐拍照 其他的地區乾淨安靜許多 才是真正可以體驗眷村建築文化的地方

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