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Aofengshan Park

Posted Date:2018/04/26 1538


Aofengshan Park in Qingshui was previously known as Qingshui Park. It is a popular family outing location on weekends during which the vast grassland are filled with people having a relaxing time.
There is a playground, sports arena for bikes, historic area and numerous hiking trails at Aofengshan Park. The playground features equipments of distinct designs. For instance, the gigantic spider-shaped equipment is particularly favored among kids as well as tourists.
In addition, there is an observatory, Aofeng Yudai Bridge, Qingshui Ghost Cave and other attractions. Qingshui Ghost Cave was a military tunnel used during the Japanese colonial period. Adventurous visitors can experience the spooky atmosphere of the tortuous tunnel and see a number of well-preserved military facilities lit with colorful LED lights in the cave.


Aofeng Rd., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City

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  • beatriceng98

    Trip Type:

    Friends getaway

    Aofeng Sports Park 鰲峰公園

    Traveler rating:5 2018-05

    Would recommend cabbing from the nearby train station (San Yi station), there are friendly employees there who will help you get a cab from their connections! This park is one of the best parks I've...
  • Sheena T

    Trip Type:

    Friends getaway

    Nice outing place

    Traveler rating:4 2016-12

    It's a nice friendly trail where you can enjoy the trees and grass. The path is easy to walk on and it seems to be carefully maintained. Very nice area to short outing. 💖💖
  • Andrew F

    Trip Type:


    March 2016

    Traveler rating:1 2016-03

    Nothing there? Looks like tit was all torn down? Or the mapping to it is of. Way off. We walked the one mile or so from the Taichung Seaport arts center that is with it even on a Monday when it's...
  • McFion

    Trip Type:

    Friends getaway

    Playground x View

    Traveler rating:4 2015-10

    Within the park there's a great area called 'X-Game playground' (競合體驗遊戲場) for young kids, they definately gonna have a good time there! The newly installed platforms (鰲峰山觀景平台) offer great view of...
  • Daphnelove

    Trip Type:


    Traveler rating:5 2020-02

    觀景平台視野好,如果能在維護、以及各條路線上有一些清楚的指標或加上一些教育功能,認識植物,會讓到訪的人更有收穫感。 運動公園內有健身步道,步道不長,一圈慢慢走10分鐘內就能走完,是個小山丘,有時間可以走上個1-2圈,感覺挺好的。 附近有烤肉區的設置。

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