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2018Taichung Jazz Festival

Posted Date:2018-05-14 2419
2018Taichung Jazz Festival-主視覺
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"Jazz music spreads and plants the swing seeds in every soul; The entire city is now blooming with jazz feelings"

The fall of October is the season when Taichung Jazz blooms. 

Entering its 16th anniversary, Taichung Jazz Festival has spread the seeds of jazz to every soul in every corner of the city along with the autumn wind. The seeds have sprouted, thrived, and grown in the souls of jazz lovers, making the entire city blooming with jazz feelings everywhere. Taichung Jazz Festival has continued its commitment to bring high-quality performances to audiences. Jazz musicians from all over the world gather here, performing great music, throwing the swing notes and rhythms to the air, and shaping the jazz-inspired style of the art city. Taichung Jazz Festival has become not only the best interpretation of Taichung City, but also an iconic music festival in Taiwan and Asia. 

This 9-day musical feast will wake and rock every soul of music lovers. 
5 venues connect each corner of Taichung City all together. 
48 live shows give you the most sincere performance and the most beautiful jazz memories. 

This fall, let us meet in Taichung, setting free of our desires for music and our deepest love for jazz. Come and enjoy the fruits of the exclusive Taichung Jazz Festival in 2018—the Blooming Jazz.


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