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Uni-Resort Guguan

No.188, Sec. 1, Dongguan Rd.,, Heping Dist., Taichung City
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Four-Star Budget Hotel Low Carbon Hotel
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Uni-Resort Introduction

Let your heart go on vacation !

        Nowadays, along with the rising national income and decreasing working time, the populace have much more high demands to spend the vacation on their leisure time to transform their working pressure and obtain new energy. Though it has already become a part of modern people’s lives. To be a member of Uni-President Enterprises Corp., the Uni-Resort, we regard “the healthy leisure, shares with family" as our core mission, creates new life views of healthy leisure and let everyone acquires the energy and joy from their leisure life. With our distinguishing features, as well as the specialized leisure plan consultation, we assure to bring a new era to everyone’s leisure life. 
Uni-Resort Guguan

        The Uni-Resort is a leisure industry with time tendency and multi-location resort. It allows your body and mind obtain full resting in the scenery beautiful resorts. Not only enjoy the fun of leisure life, but also improves the relationship with your family by that. 

        The Uni-Resort has four different features footholds in Taiwan. If you are a businessman who always on business trip or just want to feel the romantic harbor scenery in your spare time. Our, “Uni-Resort Sizihwan ” is definitely what you need. Want to relax your body and soul? Take a hot spring spa? Or taste the fabulous mountain delicacy? You must come to our “Uni- Resort Guguan ”. You won’t regret it. If you are from company or groups, we would like to recommend you our “Uni-Resort Mawudu” and “Uni-Resort Kenting”. Beneath the blue sky and beautiful green land, we guarantee you will enjoy both of meeting and vacation feeling during your stay. Our four different featured-resorts are designed to meet the consumers’ demands. No matter that it is individual or groups, a single day or long holidays, one place or the regional locations are all easy to plan for you.
Uni-Resort Guguan
        The Uni-Resort inherits the spirits of steadily and steadfast culture of Uni-President Enterprises Corp. and moreover, we popularize the healthy leisure and family vacation as our operating idea which have received the general customers' affection. With the expectations of leisure quality by the populace and the mission by Uni-President Enterprises Corp., these greatly tasks no matter what all let us slightly not dare laxly to consumers’ service, feels grateful, responsibility and the feedback attitude to raise the positively service quality. We anticipate creating healthily, joyful leisure life with you mutually.

The cross-century gift
        The main reason the Uni-President Enterprise Corp. invest the leisure industry positively is because our essential target is "Three-Goods& One- Fairness "(good quality, good credibility, good service, and reasonable price). Being a part of this big family, we would like to express our attitude of responsibility to offer the populace a high level and standard resting place and allows the customers to experience the healthy in mind and body in joyful condition. This is what the Uni-Resort management characteristic is.
Uni-Resort Guguan

The new service era

        Particularly, after joining the Logistics Sub-conglomerate of Uni-President Chain Store Corp.. We start to interact with the populace closely and provide omni-bearing service by our brand new management concept, completely structure system and strong cooperation team with steadfast management step by step, giving our customers safe, relieved and healthy leisure life.
Uni-Resort Guguan

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  • youyouhsuan

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel

    very peaceful place

    Traveler rating:5 2019-05

    I went alone and enjoyed the peaceful feeling and nice hot spring. The service were nice and all the environment of the resort was relax and I am appreciated of the services. I could have my family...
  • ChungH136

    Trip Type:


    5 stars for service,4 stars for facilities

    Traveler rating:5 2018-03

    This is my first time, and there will be more! SPA is great! I spent the whole afternoon in their SPA. There was a volume issue with the TV in my room, The soon offered me another room after trying...
  • TSnggy

    Trip Type:


    Nice hot spring resort.

    Traveler rating:5 2017-12

    Resort has an small arcade room with claw machines. They also have air pistols, archery and table tennis for you to play. Need to pay. Table tennis is free. There is a basketball court too. Was...
  • jeowjamin

    Trip Type:


    Taiwan island tour stop

    Traveler rating:4 2017-12

    Stop No.2 of our 14 days tour. Left Taian for KuKuan Hot spring. Reached Uni Resort. Rated as 4 stars. Is a very popular resort as pricing is very attractive. There are ample hot pools for your...
  • pastillies

    Trip Type:


    Disappointing hotspring & room dirty carpets.

    Traveler rating:2 2017-11

    Specially enroute here for a hotspring experience but was disappointed with the dirty carpets in room. Im travelling w kids and so paranoid with them walking around on dirty carpets had to keep...

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