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Service Phone

Emergency Useful phone numbers

Unit Phone No.
Fire, ambulance 119
Police 110
Overseas operator 100
Chinese Local Directory Assistance 104
Chinese Long Distance Directory Assistance 105
English-language Directory Assistance 106
Telephone Repair 112
Time 117
Weather 167
Traffic 168
Tourist Information Hotline 886-2-27173737
24-Hour Toll-Free Travel Information Call Center 0800-011765
International Community Service Hotline 0800-024111
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Tourist Service Center, Passenger Terminal Building I 886-3-3982194
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Tourist Service Center, Passenger Terminal Building II 886-3-3983341
Tourist Service Center, Kaohsiung International Airport, Tourism Bureau 886-7-8057888
Government Information Office 886-2-33568888
Board of Foreign Trade 886-2-23510271
China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) 886-2-27255200
Taiwan Visitors Association 886-2-25943261
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 886-2-23482999
Police Radio Station 886-2-23888099
English-Speaking Taxi 886-2-27997997


Region Organization Phone No. Address
North China Medical University Hospital 886-4-22052121 No.2,Yude Rd.,Taichung City
Xitun Taichung Veterans General Hospital 886-4-23592525 No.1650, Sec. 4, Taiwan Blvd., Taichung City
West Taichung Hospital 886-4-22294411 No.199, Sec. 1, Sanmin Rd., West Dist., Taichung City
Xitun Cheng Ching Hospital 886-4-24632200 No.966, Sec. 4, Taiwan Blvd., Taichung City
South Zhongshan Hospital 886-4-24739595 No.110, Sec. 1, Jianguo N. Rd., Taichung City
Nantun Linxin Hospital 886-4-22586688 No.36, Sec. 3, Huizhong Rd., Taichung City
Shalu Guangtien Hospital 886-4-26625111 No.117, Shatian Rd., Taichung City
Dali Dali Ren’ai Hospital 886-4-24819900 No.483, Sanmin 1st St., Taichung City
Fengyuan Fengyuan Hospital 886-4-25271180 No.100, Ankang Rd., Taichung City
Wuqi Tung’s Taiching MetroHarbor Hospital 886-4-26581919 No.699, Sec. 8, Taiwan Blvd., Taichung City
Taiping Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital 886-4-23934191#12 No.348, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Taichung City