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Night in Taichung: More things to do at night!

Posted Date : 2023-06-19 19.2k
After enjoying a traditional breakfast at Taichung City Second Market and taking pretty photos at Miyahara Eye Clinic, you can taste the delicious dessert at Shen Ji New Village. In the evening, you will be amazed by the brilliant sunset at Gaomei Wetlands. But what about the night? Don‘t rush to leave after the sunset; the nightlife at Taichung is equally interesting!
In addition to the familiar night markets, there are also night tours and food packages, as well as famous attractions that are prettier with the lighting. Now, let’s explore the nightlife in Taichung.

1.Wang Gao Liao Night-View Park
Where can I go at night? Of course, you can’t miss the night views in Taichung! When you are at the highest point around the City, you can oversee a brightly lit city; it is the favorite romantic moment of couples. When talking about private night attractions loved by the locals, Wang Gao Liao Night-View Park is definitely one of the top few on the list. Located at the intersection between Nantun District and Dadu District in Taichung, the Park allows people to see the starry sky, Dadu River, Changhua Plain, Taichung Port despite the secluded location. It would be a pity to miss this attraction! In addition to strolling and enjoying the scenery in the Park, there is also a scenic view restaurant that will give you a visual and actual feast.
aaxxx0620望高寮(photo by :【 aaxxx0620 】)

2.Gonglaoping Miao Dong Night Market
The second million-night attraction in Taichung, Gonglaoping Located in the Fengyuan District, Gonglaoping is a popular dating spot for Taichung teenagers. There are various scenic restaurants. It is also suitable for families as well. When you are at the Fengyuan District, you should never leave out Miao Dong Night Market in your itinerary. Due to their rich history, the Fengyuan railway station and Fengyuan Tzu Chi Temple have many hidden eats nearby. These include the crispy yet solid fried water chestnut, the fragrant Hakka crystal dumpling and the uniquely flavored black Sishen soup! After your stomach is full, let’s go to the mountains for the night time sceneries. The night trail in Taichung is very satisfying!
fsg1050730312公老坪(photo by:【 fsg1050730312 】)
3.Ao-Feng Hill Park Observatory 
Ao-Feng Hill Park, which is located in the Qingshui District, the Hero Slope and Yunding Observatory have been refurbished and integrated by the Taichung City Government to become the familiar Ao-Feng Hill Park Observatory. The scenery there is charming morning and night, and is also the top strolling location for the locals in the afternoon. The 180-degree fan-shaped platform has many seats, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery in a relaxed manner. It is recommended to come to Ao-Feng Hill Park Observatory before the evening on a good weather day as you can enjoy both the sunset and the night view.
lin_c_yo鰲峰山(photo by : 【 lin_c_yo 】)

4.Right next to 4 scenic bridges at Dakeng – Hanxi Night Market
The night view alone is not enough? Let’s visit the 4 scenic bridges at Dakeng! New Taohuayuan Bridge, Dakeng Lovers Bridge, Dakeng Qingxin Bridge, and Blue Skies and White Clouds Bridge are 4 cultural scenic bridges with different themes. Except for New Taohuayuan Bridge, the bridges all cross Dakeng River and connect with National Freeway 4, which leads to Beitun District, Dakeng District, Taiping District, etc. Not only does this make the transport more accessible, but it is also a great attraction! Next, have a stroll at Hanxi Night Market. It operates every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and its cheap eats are well-loved by the local residents.
Night in Taichung: More things to do at night!(Dakeng Qingxin Bridge)Night in Taichung: More things to do at night!(Dakeng Lovers Bridge)
藍天白雲橋(Blue Skies and White Clouds Bridge)
Night in Taichung: More things to do at night!(New Taohuayuan Bridge)

5.Fazi River Waterfront Trail – Rainbow Military Housing – Longfu Night Market
Both Fazi River Waterfront Trail and Rainbow Military Housing are well-known attractions in Taichung, but do you know that they have different charm at night? Fanzi River Waterfront trail is along a welcome river in Taichung. The large TAICHUNG sign one can see when taking the high-speed rail signals that Taichung is nearby. In addition to enjoying the lush greenery in the day, it is a good idea to stroll in the breeze after the sign has been lighted! With lighting at night, Rainbow Military Housing will also have a different appearance! Don’t forget to visit the Longfu Night Market near the two attractions to enrich your trip!
筏子溪廊道Night in Taichung: More things to do at night!
6.Lyu-Chuan Canal –  Liuchuan Canal Waterfront – Yizhong Street
Needless to mention, the Lyu-Chuan Canal and the Liuchuan Canal Waterfront are popular attractions at night! In addition to improving the pollution control mechanism, the two canals are decorated by art installations. Public art installation uses the theme of water and integrates the nearby attractions such as Taichung City Second Market. Create a uniquely Taichung cultural atmosphere! Yizhong Street nearby is where the fashion elements in Taichung converge. You can find delicious food and a wide range of stores to shop here. Why not add these attractions into your itinerary?
綠川(Lyu-Chuan Canal)柳川(Liuchuan Canal Waterfront)一中街夜市
7.Enjoy night views in City park – Dong Hai Night Market
Also known as the Chinese cupid night view, the City Park night view is the must-go attraction for the couples. It oversees Taichung Port, Gaomei Wetlands, Sha Lu as well as National Freeway 3 and this magnificent view entices the visitors to return. The Dong Hai shopping district, which was developed with Tunghai University, has more than 50 years of history. It sells various finger foods including chicken feet jelly, flapjack, chicken burger, salted water chicken, Fuzhou bao, bean curd, black Taiwanese meatball, braised food, etc. It is sure to satisfy your cravings!
Night in Taichung: More things to do at night!(photo by:【azpg.1224 】)


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