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Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 02 A Cultural Trip to the Old Town District

Posted Date : 2023-07-25 3426
Target audience: The public
Ideal trip duration: 1-day tour
Recommended season: All year round
Mode of transport: Bike, bus
Type of journey: ibike tour, delicacy and nostalgic tour

Taichung City’s cultural old town area carries the history and culture of Taichung from the early days. Traces of olden buildings and humanities from the olden days can be spotted on the streets.  In recent years, Taichung City Government, with the aim to boost local economic development, has launched a series of development strategies, including building a transportation network, increasing tourism benefits, reutilization of space, etc.  If you are interested in Lohas tours, this is a place worth visiting as you can enjoy the exquisite tea and refreshments and immerse yourself in the history and rebirth of the old town area.
Taichung railway station (take the ibike to)→Taiwan Museum of Suncake (Cycling to ibike Taichung City Hall station)→Taichung Municipal Office Building (Take the ibike to)→The original store of Chun Shui Tang (Cycling to ibike Taichung City Zhongshan Land Office station and then walk to)→Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center (Walk to)

1.Taichung Railway Station
Century-old station: The starting point of old town area tour
Once you step out of Taichung railway station, you are within the old town area of Taichung City.  At the square in front of the station, one can see the co-existence of the new and old stations, symbolizing the integration of an old town and new city.  The old Taichung railway station has a Baroque architectural style with gables, and is very well preserved. It was gazetted as a national monument in 1995.  The installation art in front of the square has also attracted many tourists stopping for photos and capturing moments of their Taichung tours.
2.Taiwan Museum of Suncake
An all-time snack witnessing the historical development of suncake
Taiwan Museum of Suncake was converted from the historical building “Quan'an Hall”. The building in red and white bricks stands out on the bustling Taiwan Boulevard.  Besides introducing the life of the founder of suncake, Mr. Wei Qing-Hai, and exhibiting cultural relics, the museum also has a souvenir shop which sells creative cultural products, and a refreshment area for visitors to enjoy the famous local pastry culture while learning about the history of suncake.
image4637084716310543161Address: No. 145, Sec. 1, Taiwan Blvd., Central Dist., Taichung City
Opening Hours:08:00~21:00
Visiting information:
Free admission (2nd floor closes at 17:30), DIY fee NT$250 / person
Tel: 04-22295559

3.Taichung Municipal Office Building
Cultural rebirth: Rekindle the glory
The Municipal Office Building, which is more than a century old, has witnessed Taichung City’s development history.  Taichung Municipal Office Building is Taichung’s first iron reinforced concrete building, featuring the same “Tatsuno architectural style” as the Presidential Office Building.  In order to revitalize the historic Municipal Office Building, Taichung City Government outsourced the operation to a private company, establishing a rich and diverse cultural brand.  Besides holding cultural exhibitions from time to time, the Municipal Office Building also has a refreshment area for the public to enjoy tea.  Revitalization of historic sites enables the century-old site to continue to record the stories of Taichung City.
P_20190911_164513image1637084722657367489image1637084716274759053Address: No. 97, Minquan Rd., West Dist., Taichung City
Opening Hours: 11:30~20:30

4.The original store of Chun Shui Tang (Siwei St.)
Place of origin of world-renowned bubble tea: Ancient taste in a modern world
The original store of Chun Shui Tang is located in Siwei Street, in a tranquil environment which is a contrast to the bustling roads.  Chun Shui Tang was established in 1983, with the name “Yang Xiang Tea House”.  When it was first established, the store sold the unprecedented cold tea, and for the first time, tea was blended with a shaker, producing the first “bubble black tea.”
After 36 years, bubble tea has become a world-renowned beverage. The original store still retains its ancient architectural style, and upholds the ancient brand’s initiative objective, providing the public with the most sincere tea drinking experience.
image1637061315885376069image4637061316601947651Address: No. 30, Siwei St., West Dist., Taichung City
Opening Hours: 08:00~22:00

5.Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center
(The Martial Arts Compound of the Taichung Criminal Law Enforcement Office)
Tea experience at Six Arts Cultural Center
The Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center was the former Martial Arts Compound of the Taichung Criminal Law Enforcement Office, established in Showa 12 (1937). It was where the prison guards practiced judo and kendo during the Japanese rule period.  The martial arts compound still retains the elegant atmosphere of Japanese architecture, and its open space is the public’s favorite place for strolling.  The various halls of the center capture memories of the culture and history.

Today, the martial arts compound has many new six arts cultural promotion courses and guided theater activities, and the tea house sells creative cultural products and tea.  With the transformation of the martial arts compound, the historical building is put into good use, conveying the culture to every visitor more directly.
image5637061325304665444Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike  Route 02Address: No. 33, Linsen Rd., West Dist., Taichung City
Opening Hours: 09:30~22:00



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