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Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 03 Houfong Bike Path Cycling Trip

Posted Date : 2023-07-25 3848
Target audience: The public
Ideal trip duration: 1-day tour
Recommended season: All year round
Mode of transport: Bike, train
Type of tour: ibike tour, food tour

Taichung City has built many cycling lanes, and Hou-Fong bike path is a very popular route among them. The route will bring you to the intersection with Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way, also known as the “Green Dajia River.” The 18 km route is full of interesting attractions, including the truss bridge, Tunnel No.9, etc.  Starting from Tai'an Railway Station, you will pass by Railway Culture Park, and then experience the charm of Houli and Fengyuan along Hou-Fong bike path! 
Taichung railway station→ Tai'an railway station (About 5-10 Min. IBIKE ride) → Tai'an Railway Culture Park (A 10-15 Min. IBIKE ride) → Houli railway station (A 1 Hour IBIKE ride along Hou-Fong bike path) →ibike Miao Dong Night Market station (a 3-minutes' walk)→a 3-minutes' walk across Miao Dong Night Market)→Fengyuan Tzu Chi Temple

1.Tai'an railway station
Taiwan's first elevated train station overlooks Huoyan Mountain and truss bridge
The first stop of the tour is Tai'an Railway Station, the first elevated station by Taiwan Railways Administration.  As it is elevated, one can view further from the platform, and even see the truss bridge and Miaoli’s Huoyan Mountain at the far end.
image1637084751814091159Address: No. 37-12, Anmei Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

2.Tai'an Railway Culture Park
New image of an old station: Enjoy cherry blossoms along the railway
Tai'an Railway Culture Park is located in the original site of the old Tai'an Railway Station, which fell into decline after it stopped operation.  The government has since converted it into a railway culture park, attracting many tourists. With the locals operating it as an image business district, the place has become a new tourist attraction.  During autumn and winter, bald cypress and cherry blossom make the place very popular. The nearby “Tai-an Police Station” is claimed to be Taiwan’s most beautiful police station, giving a brand new image to the former train station.
image4637084752471194620Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 03Address: No. 52, Fuxing Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

3.Hou-Fong bike path
Diverse landscape: Cycle through the tunnel
Hou-Fong bike path was converted from a mountain railway, offering different scenic landscapes along the way.  The truss bridge that crosses Dajia River and the old mountain railway tunnel of unique structure are especially charming. Cycling along Hou-Fong bike path, one can enjoy the natural rural scenery, as well as the unique experience of cycling over the truss bridge and through the tunnel.
image4637084753128287487Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 03Address: Sec. 3, Guofeng Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City

4.Miao Dong Night Market
Fengyuan, a food lovers’ paradise with local delicacies
Though Fengyuan’s Miao Dong Night Market is not as big as Fengjia Night Market or Hanxi Night Market, there are many memorable classic stores hidden in the short street.  With meat balls, fried water chestnut, spare ribs noodles, pineapple shaved ice, etc., this is definitely the best place to fill your stomach after hours of cycling.
Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 03Address: Ln. 167, Zhongzheng Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City

5.Fengyuan Tzu Chi Temple
Witnessing Fengyuan’s beauty and sadness through three dynasties
Tzu Chi Temple is Fengyuan’s oldest Temple, and has witnessed the history and change of dynasties over the years, as well as the history of Huludun.  Fengyuan’s most famous Miao Dong shopping district is so named as the night market is located on the east of Tzu Chi Temple.  Tzu Chi Temple enshrines Mazu, and is hence also known as Fengyuan Mazu Temple.
image5637084753160633759Follow Mr. B&B! A trip on bus and bike Route 03Address: No. 179, Zhongzheng Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City



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