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Dajia Tiezhenshan Scenic Area

Posted Date:2018/04/26 240


Yongshin Park and Zheng Chenggong Statue are both renowned attractions in Dajia Tiezhenshan Scenic Area. Tiezhenshan used to be a military base. The demissioned tanks and aircrafts on display in front of the Tiezhenshan Soldiers’ Shrine are major tourist attractions as well.
The scenic area encompasses hiking trails, BBQ & camping area, tourist center, etc. The area offers different sceneries as cheery blossom blooms in spring, and tung flower blossom blooms in summer. When the night falls, the park is a great night view spot that offers a clear view of the sparkling Dajia and Waipu at night. The hiking trail beginning at Chenggong Road is especially great for star-gazing.


No.87, Chenggong Rd., Dajia Dist., Taichung City

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