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Taichung Mayoral Residence

Posted Date : 2024-02-06 5781


Taichung Mayoral Residence is officially logged and announced as a Taichung City historical building in 2002. It is the most well maintained western-style house with a courtyard built during the Japanese rule in Taichung.
Taichung Mayoral Residence is a two-story Baroque architecture that demonstrates a fusion of Japanese and western style which is both classic and modern. The elegant foursquare layout is influenced by the popular western artistic decorative style at the time. Its Simple geometric decorations and the vertical and horizontal designs show of rich modernism. It is a comfortable and functional house with sufficient ambient lighting.


Sec. 1, Shuangshi Rd, 125, Central Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

Service Facilities

  • Exhibition
  • Canteen
  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Commentator
  • Internet

How to Get There

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