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Miao Dong Night Market

Posted Date : 2021-08-13 7515


Miao Dong Night Market is located nearby Tzu Chi Temple in Fengyuan District which encompasses Zhongzheng Road, Boaai Street, Fuxing Road and Xinyi Street. Fuxing Road Shopping District that revolves around Fengyuan Matsu Temple is the main shopping area for residents in mountain line areas in Taichung.
Miao Dong Night Market enjoys a great reputation online. The top three must-try dishes are pork ribs noodles, pineapple ice and oyster omelet. Qingshui Pork Ribs Noodle Shop has been serving noodles with steamed then deep fried pork ribs, fried garlic crips and minced pork that compliment the broth. Jin Shu Pineapple Ice serves old fashioned pineapple ice made by cooking pineapples with sugar for hours. The refreshing taste of this healthy treat without artificial sweeteners will definitely linger in your mouth.
Another local delicacy you must try is Zheng Zhao Oyster Omelet. Fat oysters mixed with water spinach, bean sprouts and minced scallion drizzled with a house sauce that contains peanut powder is surely one-of-a-kind. Other deliciousness from all over Taiwan can also be found in Miao Dong Night Market.


Ln. 167, Zhongzheng Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

Service Facilities

  • Canteen
  • Parking
  • Bus stop

How to Get There

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