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Tuniu Hakka Culture Hall

Posted Date : 2023-08-18 5988


Shigang Tuniu Hakka Culture Hall was a reconstruction of the relics of the Liu's Compound in Shigang, Taichung.
The Liu Family is a huge clan that symbolizes the Hakka people who first came to cultivate the mountains. It is one of the most prominent families in Shigang and Dongshi. Their houses used to be the largest compound in the area, but it was severely damaged in 921 Earthquake. Many local gentries and offsprings of the Liu Family made great effort to gather resources for reconstruction. Six years later, Tuniu Hakka Culture Hall was built on the site, replicating the original architecture.
In addition to restoring the appearance of the compound by displaying precious cultural relics salvaged from the big earthquake, the Hakka Cultural Hall is also furnished with many static and multimedia displays. Moreover, the Liu Clan Ritual is held annually during which visitors can learn more about Hakka culture and the history of the Liu’s  compound.


No.10, Decheng Ln., Fengshi Rd., Shigang Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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