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Zhongxin Market

Posted Date : 2023-10-02 8584


Situated across National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Zhongxin Market is a small block encircled by Wuquan 1st Street, Wuquan W. 2nd Street and Wuquan W. 3rd street. Zhongxin Market used to be a busy traditional market. However, it gradually quieted as economy growth declined in Taiwan over the years. Since optimal space arrangement was considered utmost important in the once packed market, the houses in the block are generally small.
Today, the abandoned old market has transformed into a creative space home to artists who brought modernity into the retrospective spaces. New comers kept the original structure of the old houses and injected brand new artistic and cultural planning. Accordingly, the historic architectures are now revived with new elements.
Many visitors come to Zhongxin Market to search for  hidden gems. Distinctive shops, second-hand book shops and even stores that sell organic products are tucked away here. Interestingly, the once busy marketplace is now a slow-paced platform for new generation artists to showcase and exchange their unique aesthetics.


No.67, Sec. 1, Wuquan W. Rd., West Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

Service Facilities

  • Canteen
  • Toilets
  • Bus stop

How to Get There

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