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Buddha Temple

Posted Date : 2023-09-21 4229


It was nominated for “Taiwan Residential Architecture Award” in 2009 and awarded “Taichung Urban Design Awards” in 2011. Buddha Temple is one of the classic works that are loved and revisited by most people constructed by Ease International Co., Ltd., which promotes “common good between heaven and people” and “solar-term building”. The architect designed and completed the  green building that opens up your five senses and touches your “heart” with the rustic charm of fair-faced concrete, the warmth of wood, the shade of trees, the shadow of light, and the symbiosis in the river. 
The appearance of the building has no conventional decoration of traditional temples, like hip-and-gable palace roof, carved beams, painted rafters, and glazed roof tiles. Instead, he uses undecorated fair-faced concrete as the language of the building and insists on the plainness of returning to nature.
The wall on the 1st floor is decorated with the paintings representing the philosophy held in the Buddha Temple. The 2nd floor is the Buddha Hall, and you will see a simple and elegant Buddha sculpture and the huge window behind it when you walk in. The left side on the 3rd floor is where monks practice Buddhism, and it is not opened to the public. At the right side, there are tables and chairs there. Heart Sutra, pieces of white paper, and pens are placed on the table. It is opened to visitors for “slowing down and carrying out conscious control of breathing” as well as “writing the sutra”. We anticipate people to “write” instead of “copying” because we hope anyone who comes here can be inspired and dedicated except letting go everyday matters temporarily.
The temple hosts a lot of religious ceremonies, and it is suggested to call before you visit.


No. 147, Yonglong Road, Dali Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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