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Xiao Yun Villa

Posted Date : 2023-05-16 3180


Xiao Yun Villa was built in the 5th year of Tongzhi Emperor (1866). Lu Ping-Nan spent a lot of money to build this grand place in order to look after his mother, Lady Chang. When it was completed, prestige of Lu Ping-Nan climbed to the peak. Ping-Nan’s three children were all awarded “xiucai”, and Juren, Wu Tzu-Kuang, praised them as “Three Phoenixes in Haidong’. During the Japanese occupation period, two family members from Xiao Yun Villa, Lu Hou-An and Lu Yun-Pai, became poets, and they both were members of Wufeng Lishe. At that moment, Taiwan was ruled by Japanese, and so they spared no effort in carrying forward the history and culture of Han people by promoting poem education.
Xiao Yun Villa has a complex water way system and complete defending facilities. The architecture has gone through the periods of Qing Dynasty, Japanese occupation, and the Republic. It cleverly combines the styles and features of different culture and has historical and cultural values during the process of history. It can be regarded as a miniature of house development in Taiwan and is very rare and unique.
There are still people living here. Reservation will be required for visit.


No. 116, Dafeng Road, Sanjiau Village, Shengang Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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