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Huanshan Tribe (Qalang Sqoyaw)

Posted Date : 2021-12-16 3375


It is located at the upstream of Dajia River basin and was the only entrance to climb Xueshan in the early days. The tribe is in a valley and surrounded by mountains above 3000 meters, and it is hance called “huanshan”. It is also the biggest tribe in Ilan Branch, Central Cross-lsland Highway. The ecological resources of animals and plants here are abundant, and it is suitable for the in-depth trip of two days one night.
Huanshan Tribe mainly consists of Atayal people, and it is the biggest Atayal tribe in Lishan area. The main source of income for the people in the tribe now is from the growing of fruits. “Atayal Folk Arts Museum” in the tribe displays Atayal weaving crafts, old photos, and the wood house and barn used by the leader of the tribe in the past. They are from the old days and worth visiting.
In recent years, the tribe plants a lot of Purplevine. The purple spikes sway in the wind during spring season, and it attracts a lot of visitors coming to see it.


Huanshan Tribe (Qalang Sqoyaw), Heping Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Sunday : open 24 hours
Monday : open 24 hours
Tuesday : open 24 hours
Wednesday : open 24 hours
Thursday : open 24 hours
Friday : open 24 hours
Saturday : open 24 hours

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