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Zhaixing Villa

Posted Date : 2024-02-01 4239


Located by the Tanya Shen Green Bikeway, Zhaixing Villa in Tanzi Industrial Park is the top of the ten key residences in Taiwan. It was built in the 10th year of Tongzhi Emperor (1871) and completed after 9 years. It has been more than a century now and is appointed as a municipal historic site.
The building itself is a traditional siheyuan with two halls and multiple forward-trusting side wings (guardian dragons). The layout in the residence reflects the emphasis on fengshui in tradition; for example, the south-east direction symbolizes joy and luck so that the gate house was installed here for the entrance and exit of the building to keep vigorous and the best of everything. There is a flat front yard inside the gate house, and a half-moon shaped pond and a green bamboo forest were in front of the yard, creating a very pleasant view.
The vivid Koji Pottery, elegant stone sculpture, fine wood carving, and various brick carvings in the villa highlights the magnificence of wealthy people’s residence in Qing dynasty. It worth appreciating all the details and feeling the beauty of its architectural art.
Reservation and guided tour are required for visitors.


No. 88, Sec. 2, Tanfu Road, Tanzi Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

Service Facilities

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  • Commentator
  • Disabled-accessible toilet
  • Disabled-accessible parking space

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