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Taiping Bat Cave

Posted Date : 2024-06-17 4067


It is said that the bat cave was an irrigation channel dug for irrigating farms by Taiping Lin family in Tongzhi Emperor, Qing Dynasty (1862). It went through three mountains to divert the water in Toubiankeng River to farms for irritation. The original irrigation channel gradually disappeared on the other side of river channel under the change of time.
Bat Cave Hiking Trail is a circular ecological path of a length of 880 meters in total. The entrance of the hiking trail is Baifu Bridge, and it is a suspension bridge designed with the concept of “a hundred bats” and named in the similar sound of “baifu”. There are 100 bats in total presented on the whole bridge in virtual or real to reshow the image of the cluster of bats and flying around at that time.
The bat cave is very famous in Taiping area. With the opening of Baifu Bridge Recreation Area, it attracts a lot of visitors. The overpass bridges in simple and elegant styles built afterwards blends hemp rope weaving into the natural landscape and reflect with the river under the bridges. Tourists can listen to the worms and birds in the nature and absorb the phytoncide in the air at the same time.


No. 356, Zhongpu Industrial Road, Taiping Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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