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Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park

Posted Date : 2024-04-25 5937


The exhibition hall of Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park used to be the old Dongshi Railway Station. The platform and old facilities were removed during the reconstruction, but the long bench for passengers to sit on as they wait for the trains is preserved in the exhibition room renovated from the old waiting area. Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway passes by the Hakka Cultural Exhibition Hall, leading the way to this new tourist attraction.
Hakka artifacts as well as Hakka culture exhibits are displayed in the exhibition hall. Visitors can learn more about Hakka culture including the floral fabric and Hakka pastry molds.
If you are up to a slow-paced travel, you can cycle to Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park via Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway. 


No.1, Zhongshan Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

Service Facilities

  • Exhibition
  • Guide brick
  • Disabled-accessible toilet
  • Sloped entrance ramp/exit ramp
  • Disabled-accessible parking space

How to Get There

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