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2017 Taichung Light Festival

Posted Date : 2017-05-22 2948
2017 Taichung Light Festival
Taichung Light Festival is dedicated to capture the lights of architectures in Taichung. The festival showcases local beauty while establishing a brand new cultural and artistic platform under the spotlight where citizens can appreciate internationally recognized light art. What’s more, the international community can also get to know Taichung through its fascinating display of lights which is one of Taichung city’s greatest feature.
The well received festival took place in various locations in the past four years including the Taichung State Hall, Budokan Martial Arts Hall, National Opera House and Taichung Park Pavilion, attracting a total number of a million visitors throughout the years.
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Taichung Train Station, everyone is invited to the Light Festival in the evening of 27th and 28th of May from 19:00-22:00 to reminisce the century- old history of Taichung and explore the glorious cultural heritage through light arts!


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