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Inauguration of Jiahou Line Bikeway

Posted Date : 2019-07-25 1770

Taichung City Hall's Jiahou Line Bikeway was recently completed, and it was opened to the public today (15th). Measuring 35.2km, the bikeway spans Houli, Dajia, Waipu District, and forms a comprehensive regional bikeway network with Houfeng Bikeway and Daan Coastal Bikeway, etc. According to Deputy Mayor Chiung-ying Yang, traveling by bicycles is not only environmentally friendly, but citizens also get to exercise, enjoy the stunning scenery and natural ecology along the way.

Everyone is welcome to Taichung to embark on a low-carbon journey and experience the beauty of the city.


Tourism Office held the Taichung City Jiahou Line Bikeway Construction Project inauguration ceremony today at the Ciyao Levee of Waipu Lotus Valley. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by Deputy Mayor Yang, Legislator Tzu-yung Hung, City Councilors Min-chi Wu and Chih-chang Shih, and Deputy Director General of the Tourism Office Yu-cheng Chen, announcing the inauguration of the Jiahou Line Bikeway.


Deputy Mayor Yang commented that Taichung has a total of 620.54km of bikeway, with the addition of Jiahou Line Bikeway, the total length is brought to 655.74km. Taichung City Hall will continue to construct bikeways to provide the citizens with high-quality recreational space. Officially opened to the public today, Jiahou Line Bikeway measures 35.2km, consisting of Jiahou line, Liufen Rd. branch line and Lotus Valley branch line, offering cyclists picturesque landscape in Houli, Dajia, and Waipu District. Everyone is invited to visit Taichung.


According to the Tourism Office, the total construction cost of Jiahou Line Bikeway is NT$24.58 million, and it is divided into the 16.97km Jiahou line, the 5.63km Liufen Rd. branch line and the 12.6km Lotus Valley branch line, totaling 35.2km. Starting from New Taian Train Station, the bikeway passes by Houli Train Station, Dajia Train Station, and the intersection of Dajia Jianggong Rd. and Provincial Highway No. 1 in the west, linking Dajia Zhenlan Temple, Dajia Old Street, Yuemei Tourism Sugar Factory, Saxophone Museum, Taian Railway Cultural Park, and bald cypress secret locations, etc., providing the cyclists with stunning views of different regions.


Jiahou Line Bikeway connects to the well-known Houfeng Bikeway and Dongfeng Bikeway Green Corridor in the east, as well as Taiwan Cycling Route No.1 and Daan Coastal Bikeway in the west to form a comprehensive regional network.


In addition to building bikeways, the Tourism Office has also constructed 2 observation decks by the Ciyao Levee of the Lotus Valley branch line of Jiahou Line Bikeway, offering a panoramic view of the breathtaking Lotus Valley, where the rice fields changes color with the changing season; after the rice seedlings are transplanted, the rice fields are painted in a luxuriant green color, and when it is time for harvest, the fields are swathed in golden colors. After harvesting in fall, coreopsis flowers are planted to transform the fields into a spectacular sea of flowers.


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