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2019 Seven Heroes of Guguan Hiking Fun Activity Extended to Late April Due to Popular Demand

Posted Date : 2020-03-19 1918

Seven Heroes of Guguan Hiking Fun has garnered immense popularity since its inception! In order to meet the hikers' expectations, Taichung City Tourism and Travel Bureau and Sports Bureau will be extending the event to April 30, while the event completion gift exchange period will be extended to May 10.

Furthermore, collaborations have been made with B&Bs to provide the NT$2,820 super value for money accommodation package. According to Tourism and Travel Bureau Director-General Lin Hsiao-Chi, the event has proven to be very popular among hikers since it was launched, and the bureau has joined forces with Tourism Bureau, MOTC's 2020 Year of Mountain Tourism campaign and the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Headquarters to increase the number of gifts available such as "completion badge", "completion certificate", and "supremacy badge".

Hiking trains one's physical fitness and boosts immunity, therefore the public is invited to admire the beauty of Taichung's forests through hiking.

Tourism and Travel Bureau indicated that the Seven Heroes of Guguan are located on both sides of the southern section of the Dajia River, namely Baxian Mountain, Malun Mountain, Wuwowei Mountain, Bojinjia Mountain, Dongmao Mountain, Baimao Mountain, and Tangmadan Mountain. They are highly popular moderate mountains among the hiking community.

From now until April 30, 2020, hikers who complete the challenge must submit relevant documents of proof to exchange for exquisite completion gifts sponsored by hiking gear suppliers before May 10. Those who complete the Three Heroes challenge will receive the completion badge (the number of badges has been increased from 300 to 500).

Those who complete the Seven Heroes challenge will also receive the completion certificate and supremacy badge on top of the completion badge from the city government on May 16 as a symbol of honor. The quantity of these gifts have been increased from 300 to 400, and the NT$2,820 super value for money accommodation package will be offered during the event period to encourage everyone to embrace the outdoors and tour Shancheng in Taichung.

The Sports Bureau extends its invitation to all avid hikers from around the world to participate in the event and make arrangements for a mountain journey, where they can climb the Guguan Seven Heroes in Heping District, Taichung and embrace Mother Nature. Besides improving health, hiking also boosts one's immunity. Hikers are reminded to take into consideration their physical conditions and the weather before hiking; since Guguan Seven Heroes offer varying degrees of difficulties, please do not overexert yourself.

For further details, please refer to the Taichung Tourism website ( For conditions of the hiking trails, please refer to the Taiwan Forest Recreation website (


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