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Continuing the Flora Expo Image – Taichung City Government Creates the New Houli Forest Park Area

Posted Date : 2020-05-25 1894

The Taichung World Flora Expo drew to a successful conclusion on April 24 last year. In continuing the flora expo's spirit of green ecology and sustainability, the Taichung City Government has preserved the flora expo-related architecture and valuable old trees at the Houli Forest Park Area and proposed the main project and detailed plans for expanding the Houli Forest Park Area.

The project was approved by the Taichung Urban Planning Commission yesterday (May 13). After the alteration, an innovative ecological recreation area will be established, making it the largest open urban space in the Houli region.

According to the Urban Development Bureau Director-General Huang Wen-Ping, the Houli Forest Park Area is approximately 15 hectares and the land lot allocated for park use will be utilized; besides retaining the footbridge, The Sound of Blooming, An Eco-Friendly Home for Four and Taiwanese Garden of the flora expo, existing plantations will be preserved to create a vast open green space to continue the imagery of the forest park area.

The Urban Development Bureau explained that the landscape images created for the flora expo complement the surrounding sightseeing features and resources to become the new highlight of tourism and recreation in Greater Taichung. In order to facilitate developments in the surrounding areas, diverse functions such as cultural exhibitions/performances, ecological education and low-density business activities will be introduced in the future.

The aim is to further enhance the overall image of the forest park area and create a symbiotic New Houli Forest Park Area.

Furthermore, other diverse services including the mountain-sea circular line, restoration of the old mountain line and Houli East Station will be integrated to carry on the spirit of the flora expo and elevate the tourism potential of the area, thereby fostering balanced development of the Houli region.

The Urban Development Bureau pointed out that the Houli Forest Park Area incorporated the non-urban land affiliated to the military camp into the urban plan and transformed it into a land lot allocated for park use. Subsequently, the project will be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for approval and after the alteration, it is expected to create and continue post-flora expo benefits. The project is slated for announcement and implementation in 2021.


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