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Taichung National Sports Center Effective Today for Tighter Pandemic Prevention and Control

Posted Date : 2020-05-25 1446

To respond to the severe outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the Taichung City Government since April 1st is implementing the “one Day off per week” policy at the Taichung National Sports Center and Taichung Port Sports Park. Each week, a day is designated for large-scale disinfection work to control spatial capacities by reducing 20% clustering density.

This policy will be continuously promoted and adjusted according to the development of the pandemic. Additionally, from tomorrow (the 26th), business hours will be shortened. These two centers will delay their opening in the morning from 6:00 to 8:00 for disinfection work before daily operations to better provide sites for the citizens to exercise.

The Sports Bureau pointed out that since the outbreak of the pandemic, Taichung City Government continuously requests affiliated venues such as Taichung National Sports Center and Taichung Port Sports Park to conduct various prevention and control measures including real-name registration for admission, control of single entrance and exit, body temperature checks and hand disinfection, wearing a face mask by the service staff, marks of social distancing at the entrance and sites where people wait in line, good vitalization at venues and active coordination with the central epidemic prevention and control policies and report procedures.

Furthermore, on April 2, 12 and 19, operators of the three National Sports Centers and Taichung Port Sports Park will close the venues for overall in-depth disinfection operations and at the same time, impose a 20% reduction of space capacities for better management and control.

The Sports Bureau said due to the consideration of the recent inflection on the Goodwill Fleet, to protect health of the citizens in Taichung and maintain environmental sanitization, the Taichung City Government will continuously implement the “one day off per week” at the National Sports Center and the Taichung Port Sports Park for pandemic prevention and control. The North District Sports Center is scheduled to close each Saturday while the Chaoma National Sports Center, Nantun National Sports, and Taichung Port Sports Park are closed on Sundays. Each venue will be closed a day per week for in-depth disinfection.

In addition, from April 26, the original business hours will be shortened. Admission to the said venues will be delayed from 6:00 to 8:00 for disinfection work before daily operations. Every two hours during daily operations, designated personnel will also disinfect the sites to safeguard the health of citizens who come for sports activities.

The Sports Bureau pointed out that according to the “Guidance to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic at Public Sports Facilities (including National Sports Center) and private sports venues” newly issued by Sports Administration of Ministry of Education, venues affiliated with the Sports Bureau shall all comply with pandemic prevention and control measures imposed by the Sports Administration. The public is also reminded to wear a mask when entering these sports venues to work hand in hand for the building of a safe sports environment.


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