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Taichung Tourism


2020 Hot Springs Festival

Posted Date : 2020-12-01 1371
Activity Time:2020-08-17~09-30
Location:Guguan, Dakeng, Wuri, and Dongshi, Heping Dist., Taichung City 424 
Taichung boasts lovely mountains, rivers, and even incredible hot springs. The four most renowned hot springs in Taichung are located in Guguan, Dakeng, Wuri, and Dongshi. The prime CO2 springs are also praised as “Beauty Spring” for the massaging effects on the skin. To promote Taichung’s hot springs, Taichung City Government Tourism Bureau launches the 2020 Hot Springs Festival from August 17 to September 30. We sincerely invite you to enjoy the quality hot springs Taichung has to offer!
This year’s festival features various local elements including stories behind hot springs, agricultural products, cuisines, natural scenery, hiking itineraries, conservation education, talent cultivation for the community and schools, etc. A series of events include “A Hot Spring Trip to Taichung”, “Hotel Deal for Hikers”, “Taichung Good Hot Springs Concert”, “Taichung Hot Springs Sketching Activity”, “Taichung Guguan Story Theater” and more. We invite you to arrange a holiday to Taichung. Domestic travel subsidies and stimulus vouchers apply to all programs as well. You can also join the lucky draw of the Taichung Shopping Festival. By the end of August, a NT$500 worth purchase of goods can be your chance of bringing home grand prizes like a house, car or cash!


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