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Port of Taichung Lingang Road Bikeway

Port of Taichung Lingang Road Bikeway



Qingshui District, Wuqi District


Coastal Route

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Starting Point:Taichung Port Passenger Terminal Ending Point:The intersection of Sanshun Road and Huangang North Road

Port of Taichung Lingang Road Bikeway is 11 kilometers in length and located near Gaomei Wetlands Visitor Center. The route starts from the busy Taichung Port business district and stretches in the nearby Wuqi Old Street, where retro buildings and historical sites span across time as witness the changes of Taichung Port.

The Mitsui Outlet Park Taichung Port is located on Taiwan Boulevard in Wuqi District, Taichung City. It combines the functions of marine tourism, fashion, leisure, and entertainment. As the first seaport-style shopping mall in Taiwan, it has 170 shops of domestic and international brands shops and gourmet restaurants. It is a great place for vacation and shopping!

At Wuqi Old Street, there are no noisy markets or crowds of tourists but only old Baroque buildings quietly standing here. Visitors follow the footsteps of history and move through the quiet alleys to build memories of Taichung by taking photos.

Pre-trip preparation

It is recommended to bring drinking water in personal bottles.

It is recommended that you bring sunproof clothing, hats, and handkerchiefs in summer, and windproof jackets in winter.

It is recommended to wear shoes that are easy to move and exercise in.

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Bike around Taichung, and enjoy the outdoors. Listen to the sound of ocean, take a deep breath, and start anew.




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Vistor tips

This bikeway is like a time tunnel, linking the past and present Taichung, witnessing the interesting contrast of trendy and retro charm.

The Mitsui Outlet Park Taichung Port has the 60-meter tall ferris wheel, "Taichung Star," a landmark of Taichung Port. Overlooking Taichung city and the coast from a ride on the ferris wheel is a romantic experience in the daytime and at night.

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