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Taichung Tourism


Zhongke Bikeway

Zhongke Bikeway

Enjoy the spectacular city view of Taichung all at once.

About 5.8 km

Zhongke Bikeway passes through Shuijiuetou Park, Lin's House Park, Tongshan Park and Hengshan Park. Biking along the way, you get to have fun while enjoying the decent scenery of Taichung City.

At the intersection, you can connect to Tanya Shen Greenway. The Science Park bears the notion of securing ecological preservation along with technology development. Therefore, the greeneries and park are part of the Science Park that echo the green notion. The facilities and green space are open to the public as a contributing gesture to the neighborhood and community. The parks are titled according to the original name of the place.

You can connect to the ending point of Tanya Shen Green Bikeway nearby at the re-entry point of Zhongke Bikeway.

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