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Taichung Tourism


Major Events

Cherry Blossom Season

Visit all year round A pity to miss

Thereare many ways to travel – but travel that suits local conditions will certainly be the most relaxing and fun. In coordination with festivals through the year, Taichung City holds various events that let people have a fun time in the city. In this city of diverse events and beautiful scenic spots, what is the best way for the visitor to have fun and take full advantage of what the city has to offer? Follow our guide to having fun through the seasons and you can be sure to have a whole new experience in Taichung.

Lantern Festival

Hang the red lanterns high
Time:15th of the first lunar month

Lantern Festival

From Chinese New Year's eve to the 15th day of the new year is always a bustling and happy time. Following close on the heels of the fun-packed Chinese New Year holiday comes the Lantern Festival, when a joyous atmosphere once again fills the air. The Taichung Lantern Festival attracts a crowd every year. The bright creative lanterns and the lanterns in the overseas lantern area all become the center of attention.

Taichung City Mazu International Festival

Pray for protection from the goddess Mazu
Time: February-May

Mazu International Festival

Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea, is an indispensable part of the religious beliefs of the Taiwanese. Every year, in addition to holding traditional Mazu processions, even more importantly, the meaning of Mazu beliefs are passed on, aiming to give people a full understanding of each temple's history, rites and interaction with local people. Cultural events are not just about bustling scenes and attracting crowds of people; more importantly, cultural meaning should be conveyed. Mazu belief represents pious prayers and a spirit of mutual help and care, things well worth passing onto the next generation. This festival is one of the major religious events on the calendar in Taiwan, attracting 1 million people every year!

The Lishan and Guguan Tourist Festival

A scenic place to escape from the summer heat
Time: May

The Lishan and Guguan Tourist

The Lishan and Guguan Tourist Festival is a series of summer vacation events organized together with the various hot springs areas in the city and the farm and special product industries of the Lishan area. The aim is, through the series of events, to revitalize tourism in Lishan and Guguan and restore past glory, making the two places a new escape- the-summer -heat vacation and healthy leisure brand, and energetically market the hot springs and farm and special product industries of Taichung City. During the festival, visitors can enjoy the fun of hot spring baths and can also enjoy creative cuisine and sweet and juicy fruit of the season.

Blue Ocean Festival

Blue coast music feast
Time: June-July


The Da-an coast has beautiful coastal scenery and its stunning sunsets make it the first choice for a romantic setting.

What can be more pleasant than listening to the beautiful sounds created by the merger of the waves and fine music while being caressed by a breeze? Every summer, the Blue Zone Music Festival held by the Taichung Government Tourism and Travel Bureau offers a fascinating music feast at night beyond various beach games and art activities in the daytime. Come join us at Daan Bathing Beach for the most romantic summer this year!

Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival

Walk towards happiness on an exquisite floral carpet
Time: November-December

Flower Carpet

When the weather's getting colder and feels more like the end of fall, it's the blooming season for flowers in Shinshe. The endless flower sea spreading all over would make you swoon at its magnificence of visionary. Those delicately designed “floral carpets” especially create a very vivid atmosphere, enticing a huge crowd to visit. The all-eyes-on floral festival supplies not only enormously beautiful blossoms but also many other amazing scenes and lovely topics to experience with, that all together wait for you to come and explore at this charming, little town in Taichung.

Taichung Cherry Blossom Season

Pink cherry blossoms,their fragrance filling the air
Time:Chinese New Year to March

Cherry Blossom Season

Taichung City is the city of sakura cherry blossoms. In order to market the Taichung area and promote tourism, the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government holds the Taichung Cherry Blossom Season. Now that viewing cherry blossoms has become a national pastime, at the start of every year people begin to look forward to taking a trip to view cherry blossoms. Taichung has successfully grown cherry tree saplings in recent years and when the trees bloom a sea of pink flowers decorates the greater Taichung area. Everyone looks forward to viewing the beautiful pink flowers and smelling their fragrance and, when the trees are in full bloom, a stunning scene is created, the sweet fragrance of cherry blossom fills the air; it is a beautiful sight cherished by many that attracts numerous visitors.

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