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2022 Taichung International Dance Carnival

Posted Date : 2022-04-20 846
2022 Taichung International Dance Carnival
Activity Time
West Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

2022 Taichung International Dance Carnival


  • Event Date / Time:10/1 15:00-16:30
  • Event Location:Calligraphy Greenway

Stage performance

  • Event Date / Time:10/1 16:30-20:00 & 10/2 15:00-20:00
  • Event Location:Civic Square

This event will be unveiled with a parade. From the Spanish giant puppets to Manga African War Drum to traditional Japanese and Korean dance and music, the parade will show the vitality of this event.As for stage performance, local troupes, such as the Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe and T.S.D, will also deliver a performance. The transnational and interdisciplinary cooperation will create new sparks.

Apart from the wonderful performances during the day, Next Creative Dance and Crazy Funky Party are also invited to perform, turning Civic Square and Calligraphy Greenway into a big outdoor stage with exceptional sound and light music effects.

In addition, a themed market of 30 booths will be held at Civic Square to present Taichung’s characteristic giftset, agricultural products, hand-made cultural products and leisure and tourism activities to visitors. Visitors are welcome to join related activities and take lots of beautiful memories about Taichung home!

In addition, visitors can not only collect points for their purchases, but also check in on online social media and fill in a questionnaire to get this year’s souvenir – with limited quantity only! Discounts are also offered at friendly stores with a voucher.

All of you are welcome to visit “2022 Taichung International Dance Carnival”.


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