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Taichung Tourism


Tun District

Explore the historical district located at the foothill.

Taichung’s Tun District is located at the foothill. This area not only produces various kinds of vegetables, fruits and agricultural products, but also has prosperous industrial development. This area includes Wurih District, which is one of the traffic hubs at the southern end of Taichung City; Dali District that not only preserves historic buildings but also proactively develops agriculture and industry; Wufeng District that is named after its peaks shrouded by clouds and mists in the afternoon; and Taiping District that is known as the rich production of Loquats.

Tun District map
  • Wuri Dist.
  • Dali Dist.
  • Wufeng Dist.
  • Taiping Dist.
Travel Tips

Travel Tips

  • The prairie of Pinglin Forest Park is the best family picnic spot.
  • Dali Art Square allows you to enhance your artistic literacy in the friendliest way.
  • Surrounded by mountains and water, Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden is full of historical atmosphere. It is a place that those who love costume drama must not miss.
  • The big banyan trees, mottled walls, red brick walls and roof tiles make Guangfu Village a great spot to take beautiful photos that are full of cultural and artistic feelings!
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