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2022 Taichung Christmas Carnival “Taichung Sweet, Throbbing Heart”

Posted Date : 2022-12-01 1581
2022 Taichung Christmas Carnival “Taichung Sweet, Throbbing Heart”
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2022 Taichung Christmas Carnival “Taichung Sweet, Throbbing Heart”

  • Date:2022/12/16-2023/1/2
  • Location:The old Taichung train station front square, Luchuan Canal and Liuchuan Riverside Walk

Continuing the “Taichung Sweet” concept of last year, Taichung City Government has installed a 15-m “Heart Blossoms” Christmas tree for Christmas this year, hoping that people who sees this tree will be enlivened. This Christmas tree is designed with great ingenuity as the entire tree can rotate.

Build the upgraded gorgeous water dance light show “Tidal Wave Of Love 2.0” along Luchuan Canal to make the canal sparkle with colorful lights. The Canal is also decorated with large light installations, such as the “Throbbing Heart Sweet Gacha Machine”; various photo taking hotspots; and the interactive “Piano Symphony in Heart”, enabling players to step on the keys to make the fountain dance with notes.

The Luchuan Canal is not only hung with “Lanterns of Wish” that symbolize citizens wishes, but also decorated with the “warm hearted” pink snowman that strolls with visitors alone the riverside walk.

This year’s light decorations are selected to create the feeling of “throbbing heart”, enabling love couples, those who are in a flirtation ship or members of a family to experience “throbbing heart” and be touched by the thriving colors on the square and riverbanks!


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