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2023 World Bicycle Day – Taichung Bicycle Carnival

Posted Date : 2023-05-10 1381
2023 World Bicycle Day – Taichung Bicycle Carnival
Activity Time
Central Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
A. 2023World Bicycle Day in Taichung
a. Time: 2023/6/3 9:00 to 15:00
b. Hou-Fong Bike Path- Thousand Bikers EventThousand-Biker Event
  1. Route: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park→Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way→Hou-Feng Bike Path→Dajia River Steel Bridge→Tunnel No. 9→Houli Horse Ranch (about 14.8km)
  2. Registration link
c. Houli Horse Ranch - Blossom Pavilion: Taichung Bicycle Carnival
  1. Timetable of Performance
09:00-09:30Eagle Baby Band –Youth Band
09:30-10:00Uncle Peter Music Studio
10:00-10:50Taiwan Youth Band
10:50-11:00Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe—War Drum Performance
11:00-11:40Ceremony for broadcast all cycling events in Taiwan
11:40-11:45Bike stunts by Bear’s Bike
11:45-12:35Curry Fun
12:35-12:40Interactive Q&A
12:40-13:40Myth Magic—magic + bubble + balloon folding shows
13:40-13:50Lucky Draw (13:25 Sealed box)
13:50-14:00Wen-Hua Senior High School—Dance performance
14:00-14:10Shin Min High School—Dance performance
14:10-14:20National Taiwan University of Sport—Dance performance
14:20-14:25Interactive Q&A
14:25-14:55Little Frog Theater
14:55-15:00Lucky Draw (14:40 Sealed box)

2. Market and Stamp-collecting Game
There will be 2 major areas of the markets. One is the bicycle industry market, and the other is food market. The bicycle industry market includes industry stories, bicycle exhibitions, accessories, measurements, and hands-on experiences. Remember to request a stamp card at the information desk and explore all the bicycle-related stands to get 5 stamps (4 different types of booth stamps are required) so as to complete the Stamp-collecting Game and get the card for a lucky draw ticket.
ItemPrize PrizeNumber of winners
2 days and 1-night accommodation voucher for two people at Taichung Freshfields Resort or an equivalent rating five-star hotel (breakfast included)1
22nd Prize Gear bike2
3Standard Double Room Accommodation voucher at Zhong Ke Hotel (breakfast included)2
4Glamping accommodation voucher for four people at Nayang Beach Resort on weekdays (breakfast included)3
5Double room accommodation voucher at Sun Hot Spring & Resort (1-night stay with 1 complimentary meal)2
6Double Room Accommodation voucher at The Lin Hotel Taichung (breakfast included)4
7 3rd PrizeNTD1000 PX Mart Voucher5
8 Other
NTD100 7-11 Voucher40

3. Children Push bike
One of on-site activities is the “cycling experience and introduction of road traffic” and "obstacle experience." There are six sessions, each with 25 participants. It aims to provide children with hands-on experience in bicycle riding and obstacle races while teaching children essential road safety-related knowledge, such as how to identify indicators and wear proper equipment and clothing.
ItemTimeThemeNumbers of each session
Session110:30~10:55Experience of Cycling and Introduction of Road Traffic25 children / session
Session413:00~13:25Experience of Obstacle Path
The online and on-site registration are available. Online registration will accept the maximum of 100 participants and on-site registration will accept the maximum of 50 participants. If the online registration doesn’t reach the limit, the remaining will be made available for on-site registration.
d. Shuttle bus
1. Leaving for Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park: 07:30-08:45
Runs every 15 minutes or when reaching maximum capacity
  • Route 1 - Boarding point: Fengyuan Train Station
  • Drop-off point: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park
  • Route2 - Boarding point: Dongshi Riverside Park
  • Drop-off point: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park
2.Leaving from Houli Horse Ranch: 11:00-15:15
Runs every 15 minutes or when reaching maximum capacity
  • Route1 - Boarding point: Houli Horse Ranch
  • Drop-off point: Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park→Dongshi Riverside Park
  • Route2- Boarding point: Houli Horse Ranch
  • Drop-off point: Fengyuan Train Station

B. 2023 One-Three-Five Activity
a. Date:2023/5/10~ Gifts are available while stocks last.
About the activity:
Taichung City is a significant hub for the bicycle industry. Taichung has well-designed and diverse bike paths that offer a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. People can enjoy the wonders of nature and the picturesque seascape, and immerse themselves in urban culture, making it the ideal city for cycling enthusiasts. For this event, we have planned "one" route, with "three" partner stores along the way, to promote "five" distinct bike routes showcasing unique features such as the mountain, coastal, rural, and urban landscapes. Everyone can explore the beautiful scenery and feature store along the cycling paths. Those completing the designated tasks can redeem limited gifts and participate in the lucky draw by uploading the photos.
b. Rule
  1. Download “Fun in Taichung APP”.
  2. Open the Sports Activities (Cycling) feature in the APP before riding to record your track progress.
  3. Show your cycling record upon arrival at the partner stores to exchange an event gift (Gifts are available while stocks last.)
  4. Please sign on the designated form provided by the partner stores for record-keeping of the event gifts
  5. 5 cycling routes and partner stores are as follows:
NumberDistrictTheme Route Bikeway Partner Stores and Gifts
1 Urban RouteOld-Town Cultural Heritage Tour City Center Route
  1.  Hung Rui Chen Sandwich (Ziyou Store): 200 special sandwiches
  1.  Sun Booth (Original Store): 120 pieces of original and honey-flavored Sun Cakes
  1. Come True Coffee: 100 sets of drip coffee
2Mountain RouteStrolling in the Green Corridor of Old Mountain RouteEast and HouFeng Bikeway 
  1. Tunnel Bike Rental: NTD150 per bicycle, total of 50 bikes
  1.  Railway Valley Winery: 150 glasses of plum enzyme
  1.  Carpenter Woodcraft Studio (Dongfeng Store)
3Mountain RouteOn the Road with NatureTanya Shen Green Bikeway 
  1.  Okuma Center: 50 MINI keychains (3 styles given randomly)
  1. Zhaixing Villa: 50 entry tickets
  1.  Taiding Automatic Canopy: 50 servings of beef tomatoes
4Coastal RouteGaomei Wetland  Check-in TourTaichung City Seaside Bike path → Jiahou Line Bicycle Path
  1. Gaomei Wetland Tourist Center: 35 flat caps (2 styles given randomly)
  1. Yi Fu Tang: 150 Lemon Cakes
  1. Ah-Tsung-Shih Taro Culture Museum: 150 Ice Cream Puffs
5Tun Area Reminiscence of Old TownCaohu River Bicycle Path → Gan River Bicycle Path
  1. Wen Shan Farm: 125 sets of sports drinks and commemorative tags
  1. Wufeng Lin Family Gong-Bao-Di: 50 sets of park entry tickets and earl black tea in auspicious animal bottles.
  1. Meifang Taro Ice Parlor: 120 sets of Taro Ice with Mesona Tea

Extra Bonus:
Upload a screenshot of the route track from the "Fun in Taichung APP" to join the lucky draw 
ItemPrizes PrizesNumber of participants
1Grand PrizeTour:A 2-day, 1-night cycling tour in Taichung for two people.
Including 1 night accommodation, a bicycle adventure, and a guided tour.
22nd PrizeNTD200 PX Mart Voucher6
NTD100 7-11 Voucher10

Event hotline:
For questions regarding the Push bike and 2023 One-Three-Five Activity, please contact 04-22260272 (service hours: 09:00-18:00).
For questions regarding Thousand-Bikers Event, kindly get in touch with the event organizer for assistance.



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