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Must-Eat Food in Taichung

Posted Date : 2021-08-13 2565
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There is no better way to learn about the local culture than to check out the markets and shopping districts in Taichung, where you will find traditional snacks and the trendiest tastes.

Yizhong Night Market
A place of fashion and cuisines
Must-eat food: Fatty Chicken Nuggets, half-moon-shaped snack, tea-braised dishes, spicy hotpot, spicy stinky tofu, Fengren Ice (shaved ice with sweetened beans), almond tea, almond tofu, Chun Shui Tang

Yizhong Street is where high school students particularly like to hang out. It is also a shopping district that nurtures popular culture. Though it has a shorter history than that of Feng Chia, a number of long-standing stores over 20 years of history can be found in Yizhong Street as well.

For instance, Yizhong Fengren Ice is a local favorite known for the rich toppings and the sweet and sour tastes.

In addition, fried chicken nuggets, spicy hotpot, spicy stinky tofu and half-moon-shaped snacks are some of students’ favorite snacks that are delicious and affordable.

If you are in for a relaxing afternoon tea, Chun Shui Tang is among the top choices.

For  retrospective hipsters, the almond tea specialty store tucked away in the alley is recommended.

Yizhong Night Market
Open Time: 10:00- 00:00(Business hours of each store vary)
Address: Yizhong St., North Dist., Taichung City

Half-moon-shaped snack
Open Time: 11:30-22:00 (open while supplies last), closed on Mondays

Chun Shui Tang
Open Time: 11:00-22:00
Address: Building C, Chungyo Department Store, No.161, Sec. 3, Sanmin Rd., North Dist., Taichung City

Feng Chia Night Market
A place of creative cuisines favored by students
Must-eat food: Fried-noodle sandwich, mashed potatoes, soft-shell shrimps, Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice, Chinese omelet

Are you overwhelmed by the abundance of food choices available in Feng Chia shopping district?

Here are some must-try dishes for your reference: fried-noodle sandwich, the classic night market snack Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice.

And mashed potatoes, a frequently discussed snack on Instagram that features generous toppings and a smooth texture like ice cream.

Other than the above mentioned, there are a variety of desserts and cuisines that are worth queuing up for!

Feng Chia Night Market
Open Time: 12:00- 02:00(Business hours of each store vary)
Address: Wenhua Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City

Dong Hai Night Market
Deliciousness under NT$100

Must-eat food: Chicken feet jelly, low-priced BBQ, pork belly bun, mung bean smoothie

Chicken feet jelly is the most renowned snack in Donghai shopping district. It is braised with dozens of Chinese medicinal herbs, and then cooled down for an enhanced flavor.

If you happen to be thirsty, why not try some mung bean smoothie? It is a signature refreshing drink in Donghai. If you like boba, try it with mung bean smoothie. You will find it addictive!

In the evening, a number of street food vendors start popping up. There are also restaurants specialized in low-priced BBQ dishes, luring gourmets who have a late-night appetite.

Dong Hai Night Market
Open Time: 16:00- 01:00(Business hours of each store vary)
Address: Xinxing Rd., Longjing Dist., Taichung City

Second Market
Classic tastes of a century-old history
Must-eat food: Radish cake, glutinous rice sausage, Like Tea & Juice Station, braised pork with rice, sesame noodles, white jute soup

The Second Market is a century-old market 15 minutes away from the old Taichung Railway Station by walk. It is a historic architecture as well as an indicative market full of delicacies of Taichung.

The food stalls selling pork belly with rice, pork buns, iced black tea and noodles are all of decades of history. Some of the iconic traditional deliciousness that can be traced back to generations ago include radish cakes and glutinous rice sausage that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Sesame noodles that can be enjoyed in two fashions, and white jute soup which is only available in Taichung during summer.

Last but not least, mark the end of your foodie journey in Taichung with some refreshing iced black tea from Like Tea & Juice Station.

Second Market
Open Time: 08:00-15:00(Business hours of each store vary)
Visiting Information: The Second Market is open before noon. Visitors are advised to arrive at the market before noon.
Address: No.87, Sec. 2, Sanmin Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City

The Fifth Market
Local cuisines recommended by senior citizens in Taichung
Must-eat food: Handmade vermicelli, popiah, oyster congee, squid soup, Wandong Fish Ball

The Fifth Market is nearby the Second Market that is home to fruit and vegetable vendors and retailers. It is also a place where you will find great Taiwanese home-style dishes like handmade vermicelli, popiah, oyster congee, squid soup and Wandong fish ball.

All of the dishes are freshly cooked and served in a generous portion at an extremely reasonable price.

Enjoy the great local tastes with an old time delight, the original flavored iced black tea while you experience the authentic food culture in Taichung.

The Fifth Market
Open Time: 08:00-14:00(Business hours of each store vary)
Visiting Information: The Fifth Market is open before noon. Visitors are advised to arrive at the market before noon.
Address: Zili St. and Lequn St., West Dist., Taichung City
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