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Wuri Brewery

Posted Date:2021/08/13 2710


Originally named Zhongxing Brewery, Wuri Brewery in Wuri District is one of Taiwan Beer Company's major breweries. It is nearby HSR Taichung Station. Since the brewery started producing in 1966, the brewery has been carefully abiding by strict quality control standards on material, water and manufacturing process. The beer is not only widely favored by Taiwanese people, it is also popular among many foreign tourists.
In 2003, Wuri Brewery developed the Golden Medal Beer and officially became a R&D center in 2004. Other than supplying beers in Central Taiwan, Wuri Brewery also takes OEM orders from internationally renowned brands. To promote local culture, Wuri Brewery is now actively engaging in the development of local tourism. The factory is now stationed with a shop and a beer museum that introduces the packaging and beer glasses of Taiwan Beer as well as worldwide beer brands. What's more, Wuri Beer Festival will be held in summer. Wuri Brewery endeavors to establish a beer village through exhibition and preservation of relative relics.


No.1, Guanghua St., Wuri Dist., Taichung City

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  • XuanzhiYi

    Trip Type:

    you can smell beer as soon as you alight the bus

    Traveler rating:3 2011-04

    Haven't been indide the brewery, near the brewery is a street of restaurants and bars built for travllers and there's even a beer museum. The best time to visit is at night, when all the restaurants...
  • meimeilili

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    Traveler rating:4 2019-04

  • mayusya1115

    Trip Type:


    Traveler rating:3 2019-01

  • topl1974

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    Solo travel


    Traveler rating:4 2018-06

    烏日高鐵下車後,可以搭公車前往,搭計程車也是一百二以內就可以搞定了 如果你有體力也可以走路過去,約半個小時 這是一個啤酒廠附設的觀光工廠,你可以了解啤酒怎麼釀造出來的 當然也可以喝到最新鮮的生啤,還有很多特賣會。 最重要的,如果你買不到花雕雞泡麵,這裡絕對可以買到 這裡也是溜小孩的好地方唷...........快來吧
  • jasper618

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    Solo travel


    Traveler rating:5 2018-07

    可以在裡面看到一套釀啤酒工具,蠻壯觀的,可以看到啤酒製造過程。 有個販售中心,有台酒公司的各式產品,尤其外面比較買不到的一些台酒泡麵。另外可以試喝啤酒,是假日可以去走走的地方。

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