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Gaomei Wetland

Posted Date:2016/07/13 54k


Gaomei Wetland located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures and comes in 1,500 acres. That explains why it has complicated yet rich wetland ecology and possesses the largest group of Bolboschoenus planieulmis in Taiwan. Due to diverse geographical features, the species of its ecology is quite abundant. Every year around fall and winter, large flocks of migrating birds would come here for either short or long stay over the winter, serving as the best spot for bird-watching.
Gaomei WetlandGaomei Wetland


Gaomei Wetland, Qingshui Dist., Taichung City

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  • jaflhol

    Trip Type:


    Catching a nice sunset in Taichung

    4 2018-06

    It may be one of the best places to catch a sunset in Taichung, but with the throngs of people on the boardwalk, it is not one that would make romantics linger for long. The wind turbines frame a...
  • xiaolam

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel

    There's nothing to do here

    2 2018-05

    i do by bus, did not book any tour around 12pm. the weather is extremely hot and no shelter at all. There is nothing to do there. We met many people in tour, they just walk like 5 minutes and left. I...

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel

    Not just natural scenary, but humanity show

    5 2018-04

    The Wetland shows not just nature's beauty but shows how nature is being respected and carefully touched by a big crowd of nature lover
  • Moozen S

    Trip Type:


    Kaomei Wetland and beyond

    5 2018-03

    This was not a planned trip. Our friend in Taichung told us about this seaside scenery. It's 40 min. bus-ride from Taichung City. We arrived there just before sunset to catch fantastic view. It's...
  • Alvin A

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    Scenic view of sunset with windmill

    4 2018-03

    It is a beautiful coastal scenic view couple with rich ecology. Enjoy the whole row of wind power wind turbines, Spectacular.

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