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Gaomei Wetland



Gaomei Wetland located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures and comes in 1,500 acres. That explains why it has complicated yet rich wetland ecology and possesses the largest group of Bolboschoenus planieulmis in Taiwan. Due to diverse geographical features, the species of its ecology is quite abundant. Every year around fall and winter, large flocks of migrating birds would come here for either short or long stay over the winter, serving as the best spot for bird-watching.
Gaomei WetlandGaomei Wetland


Taichung CityQingshui Dist.Gaomei Wetland

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  • LizaNugrohoWiranatha

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel


    3 2016-12

    Nearest beach in Taichung . I have trouble when waiting transportation (minibus) . It's take too long and so many people wanna go there. Specially in the evening ,you'll see how crowded people wanna...
  • Ilgmars

    Trip Type:


    Amazing Sunset

    5 2017-09

    It is amazing place to watch a sunset, probably one of the best in Taiwan, but you need to arrive early and find a parking place. We arrived slightly late and the parking was a nightmare, even though...
  • Kay L

    Trip Type:


    "Romantic red carpet to the setting sun and sky"

    5 2017-09

    Popular location for a Romantic sunset date! Blazing burning trail left by the pink, salmon, peach, coral, tangerine, fire and red sun (multitude of hues) is a beautiful and magnificent view...
  • Kevin L

    Trip Type:


    sunset view is fabulous

    4 2017-08

    Very good view of the sunset. With wind mill and wetland as sunset foreground, you can take great pictures at magic hour. Do prepare insecticide as thousands of mosquito after dark.
  • Gideon L

    Trip Type:


    nice outing for locals, but very, very overcrowded

    3 2017-03

    the wetlands are a local attraction, but not suitable as a tourist destination. there is parking but no other facilities.

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