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Taichung Tourism


Blue Highway

Posted Date : 2021-12-16 3783


Among cyclists, there is a blue highway they talk about through word of mouth. Due to the uneasy hill here, it is regarded as the best practice place. When the streetlights are on in the evening, they are not the amber or white lights that we normally see but spots of purple blue transparent luminescence. The two fluorescence bands along the sides of the road look like sapphire necklaces and light up the way going home for travelers. Matching with the wave-shaped road and city view, it creates a charming night view and attracts a lot of people coming for visit.
The Blue Highway not only has great night views but possesses a view of winding highway corresponding to the blue sky in the daytime due to its high position. It is a completely different magnificent view from that at night.


Dadu Blue Highway, Dadu Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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