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Tree of Light of the Taiwan Lantern Festival Lights up the Night Sky

Posted Date : 2020-02-20 1539

The main exhibition area of the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival was grandly opened on February 8th and the number of visitors has already exceeded one million. Located in the forest park area, the main lantern, “Protecting the Forest- Tree of Light” presents splendid performances with touching music every night.

Since its opening, the main light still shines in the night sky of Taichung and attracts many visitors commenting that it is “the most fantastic presentation” and “transformation in diversity and creating the sense of technology.” Visitors took out their cell phones or cameras to catch the moment.

Mr. Lai, a resident of Taichung downtown, said, this is the second time that he came to the Festival with his wife. They were here in the early evening a few days ago and tonight, they are here. What impressed him the most are the “birds’ singing for good fortune;” with water by the side, the reflection of mikado pheasant gives him the good feeling. He just watched the performance of the main lantern show and felt amazed.

Unlike the main lantern show before, this year’s show connects to images of cities and counties around Taiwan instead of incorporating the zodiac signs. He thought it is very special!

Ms. Li from Taiping, Taichung pointed out that she went to visit Taichung Flora Expo in Houli Park before and today is her first day to visit the Taiwan Lantern Festival. She likes the beautiful and special design of main lantern and she thinks it creates the sense of technology and transformation, very different from the past lantern festivals.

She smiled and said this is most wonderful lantern festival because it uses the huge area and presents main and side lanterns in great number. She said she cannot finish the tour within a single day and “would like to revisit the Festival!”

Student Huang, a local resident in Houli, visited the main exhibition area three to four times. She brought different friends to the Festival and thought unlike the past ones, you cannot finish the tour within a single visit and he would like to come every day.

Student Huang also said both sound and lighting effect of main lantern show are amazing! There are also exciting performances on the mainstage. She was particularly amazed with the performance of the Performing Art Department of Shinmin Senior High School.

Student Chang shared his experience of the dazzle patrol car, Ferris Wheel, and creative cleaning car in the horse park that he would especially introduce to his friends!

According to Taichung City Government, this year’s main lantern is named “Protecting the Forest-Tree of Light.” The designer, Lin Shuen Long, designed “A Seed-the One Dropped from the Sky” in the Taichung Flora Expo and this seed now grows into a giant tree. Inside the tree, there is a lighting ball resembling the heart of the tree rising slowly along with the music performance.

Visitors can enter the tree and interact with it. They can clap their hands or talk in a loud voice and when the tree hears the sound, the lighting ball will descend, very interesting experience.


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