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2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival

Posted Date : 2022-03-09 2511

The Central Taiwan Lantern Festival has entered the 22nd session since 1999. It is an indicator folk festival in Taichung City, attracting millions of people to enjoy lanterns every year.

※During the COVID-19 epidemic, please refer to the announcement on the official website for the latest activities.

Activity time: 2022/2/12(Sat.)~2/20(Sun.)
Lantern lighting time: Mon. ~ Fri. 17:00-21:30/Sat. , Sun. 17:00-22:00
Event Location: Wenxin Forest Park (No. 289, Section 1 Wenxin Road, Nantun District, Taichung City;MRT Wenxin Forest Park Station)

The most dynamic, joyful, and colorful 2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival " Taichung HU YEH, YA" will be lively held at Wen-Hsin Forest Park in Taichung City from February 12th to 20th!

2022 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival " Taichung HU YEH, YA " has five theme-lantern zones, including more than 30 lantern groups, more than 20 dynamic light groups, and a cultural and creative market for goodness. It carries out the ecological exhibitions by integrating environmentally friendly issues, theater experience, and the image of the year of the tiger in the traditional Chinese zodiac. The created situational lamps are a large installation art park during the day and a dazzling lantern paradise at night. We hope to show the natural and cultural charm of Taichung and have the significance of urban rebirth and economic revitalization after the epidemic. The municipal government invites people from all over Taiwan to experience the colorful lighting feast in Taichung and feel the charm of a happy and livable city.
Main lantern " Taichung HU YEH "Main lantern and lantern zones introduction
★Main lantern " Taichung HU YEH "
The 10-meter-high primary lantern, "Taichung HU YEH," the name is homonymous with "Taichung Hao-ya (Taichung is rich) and Taichung Hao-ye (Taichung is good)" in the Taiwanese dialect. In folk beliefs, the HU YEH (tiger lord) can exorcise evil spirits and bless people's health. It also can protect children and the land. HU YEH also means making Taichung's economy prosperous and full of vitality.

★Main lantern show
You can see the immersive theater created by the traditional lantern art combination and imposing music tells the story of the urban and ecological dance. The prologue opens in the dark, and the movement of life gradually wakes up. At this time, the HU YEH guarding the forest rises slowly and calls things in the woods to wake up and move together. They work together to create a brilliant performance.
★Main lantern show time: one for each day at 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
(The first show opens at 19:20 on February 12.)
Main lantern show★Mighty Tiger
The king of the forest, the HU YEH, comes to the stage with a gorgeous dancing king, leading the city and ecology to dance. The 12 zodiac animals also join the dance and jump out of the happy party exclusive in Taichung.
Mighty Tiger★The world of light speed
Rotating gears, shuttle currents, and luminous network totems create a different world in the style of science technology, including a 6-meter-high mechanical giant. Welcome you to Taichung's future light speed world.
The robot body, constructed with iron pieces, combines with the traditional lantern binding method to make the whole look like an entrance to the future world. Combined with the internal projection lighting effect of head rotation, wait for you to experience its impacting power on the spot.
The world of light speed★52 in the ocean
The 52-hertz lonely whale, waiting for its partnership with the same frequency to appear. 8-meter long and swinging its giant tail, it sprays the firmest romantic story in the ocean.
It is derived from the meaning of 52-hertz lonely whale and hopes to arouse people's reflection on the care of marine resources. The author also uses the whale's enormous body to design an interactive light group that people can walk in to experience the fun of watching lights through the killer whale.
52 in the ocean★Growing food land
The farmer with the hero medal irrigates the land and breeds a group of lovely and healthy fruits and vegetables. Dancing with the melody of the earth, they turned into the cutest tap dancers in the light venue.
Farmers replace traditional lantern cloth with environmentally friendly recycled materials. During the day, it is a group of artistic devices, while at night, it has a unique flavor with external lighting and water flow lamps.
Growing food land★KUSO Master (The fox borrowing the tiger's terror)
KUSO Master lets that imagination is your superpower. Who says tigers have to be majestic? Will Aunt Tiger scare children? Come here to see tigers are cute, funny, and hilarious!
KUSO Master (The fox borrowing the tiger's terror)★" Taichung HU YEH " Welcoming gate 
Leopard cats, magpies, and squirrels shuttle through the colorful and geometric shapes forest. The light shines on the city silhouette to convey the urban image of ecological co-prosperity of " Taichung HU YEH, YA " of the Taiwan Lantern Festival in 2022.
" Taichung HU YEH, YA  " Welcoming gate
Hand lantern " Bobo tiger "
Hand lantern " Bobo tiger "1Hand lantern " Bobo tiger "2Design concept:
The first cup of pearl milk tea was born in Taichung in the 1980s and then became a national beverage in Taiwan. In recent years, pearl milk tea has flourished all over the world. A cup of pearl milk tea has become an ordinary scenery around the world, and it has also made pearl milk tea one of the proud delicacies in Taichung.
This year's lantern design mainly combines the elements of pearl milk tea with the Chinese Zodiac "tiger" in 2022. We turned the ferocious tiger into a lovely Mini tiger and cut and folded the paper into the tiger's round head. With its big eyes open, Bobo Tiger stretches out its round and fat claws and lay on the edge of the pearl milk teacup. The milk bubble curve flowing out of the cup surface with the lovely straw adds a soft feeling to the straight-line cup. You can insert your favorite straw or pen into the round hole above. The inside of the cup is printed with Boba. When the light is not on, it looks like a cup of pure milk tea. The lantern will turn into shining pearl milk tea after turning on the light!
On the outside of the cup are famous Taichung landmarks and customized products, including Taichung Park, National Taichung Theater, Gaomei Wetland, Sun Cake, etc., designed with cute graphics with simple lines and colorful colors, to convey the image of Taichung and promote tourism. It's a fun lantern that's cute, creative, and local!
Welcome to Central Taiwan Lantern Festival with Bobo tiger!

【Hand lantern sending】
During the Lantern Festival is open daily from 15:00 queuing.
16:00 start sending
Daily limit, one person is limited to one lamp until finished distributing.

The cultural and creative market for goodness
Event Date: 2022/2/11(Fri.)~2/20(Sun.)
Business Hours: Mon. ~ Fri. 15:30-21:00/Sat. , Sun. 14:30-21:00

Tiny flowers are blooming along with lanterns enlightening.
Let the beautiful things of the market become the light of life.

The energy of cultural and creative brands fills Wen-Hsin Forest Park with brilliant performances! Invite life experts from different fields to bring stylish brands, including local farming products, graphic creation goods, hand-made items, old object memory things, and souvenirs. There are also band artists to sing on site!
The cultural and creative market for goodness opens up on the lawn of Wen-Hsin Forest Park and beside lanterns. It continues the original intention of market2future (Market of Tomorrow) "tomorrow will be better" and starts a market party accompanied by songs. We look forward to your participation and letting the good things of the new year happen in the market!

※​Although this activity is an outdoor open space, we recommend wearing a mask and maintaining a safe social distancing during the epidemic to avoid the risk of clustering.


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