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Taichung Mayoral Residence

Posted Date:2021/08/13 2347


Taichung Mayoral Residence is officially logged and announced as a Taichung City historical building in 2002. It is the most well maintained western-style house with a courtyard built during the Japanese rule in Taichung.
Taichung Mayoral Residence is a two-story Baroque architecture that demonstrates a fusion of Japanese and western style which is both classic and modern. The elegant foursquare layout is influenced by the popular western artistic decorative style at the time. Its Simple geometric decorations and the vertical and horizontal designs show of rich modernism. It is a comfortable and functional house with sufficient ambient lighting.


Sec. 1, Shuangshi Rd, 125, Central Dist., Taichung City

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  • Jodi_TWN

    Trip Type:


    BULAO 125

    Traveler rating:5 2019-06

    這個空間過去是市長公館,現在已經改為不老夢想125號,很漂亮的日式建築,午餐都是爺爺奶奶們做的,價錢也很合理,小朋友們都好喜歡榻榻米座位區。Was Taichung Mayor House in the past and now become the BULAO 125. A very lovely japan-style house. Many friendly elders work...
  • MidcoVincent

    Trip Type:


    A small museum full of inspiring stories

    Traveler rating:4 2017-12

    We came here because of the Taiwanese documentary “Go Grandriders” which was a very inspiring and moving film but there were a lot more stories being told in this small museum other than those of the...
  • kimitakas

    Trip Type:

    Solo travel

    Once used as mayor’s residence

    Traveler rating:3 2018-04

    This western styled house was originally the residence of a Japanese ophthalmologist. Then, it was used as a residence of Taichung mayor. Now it is transformed as a museum. From Taichung station, it...
  • keninsydney

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    Solo travel


    Traveler rating:5 2017-02

    台中駅からだと徒歩で行けなくも有りませんが30分程、自転車で10分ほどの場所です。元々は台中市長公館として使用されていて日本統治時代の近代建築です。 館内は整備されて芸術展やイベントが出来るスペースに成っています。 かの有名な宮原眼科の宮原先生が住んでいた邸宅です。

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