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2022 Strolling in Taichung: The Seven Heroes of Guguan

Posted Date : 2022-08-10 1656
2022 Strolling in Taichung: The Seven Heroes of Guguan


June 20, 2022 -

During the activity period,download the Taichung Resort APP,go to the mission page of “The Seven Heroes of Guguan”, click “Hike the Seven Heroes” (Mount Baxian , Mount Malun, Mount Wuwowei, Mount Pojinjia, Mount Dongmao, Mount Baimao and Mount Tangmadan), switch on GPS positioning function, and click the triangulation station (summit mark) while being next to the summit to collect the badge (virtual). After the collection of hiking records, you will obtain a certificate of achievement (of different hiking level, depending on whether you have completed 1 round, 2 rounds, 5 rounds or 10 rounds), a substantial badge and a souvenir (expected to be sent to you before January 31, 2023).

* Additional Gifts: After the completion of hiking, you will receive not only the certificate of achievement, but also exclusive outdoor product, accommodation, shopping, tourism factory and giftset offers.

Friendly Reminder:

* During your hiking, please ensure your own safety before turning on the mobile phone to collect the badge! If you cannot find the mission page of “The Seven Heroes of Guguan” on the Taichung Resort APP, please update your APP. The download link of the iPhone version; andthe download link of the Android version.

* In regard to the children or elderly who do not have a mobile phone or hikers whose mobile phone does not support the Taichung Resort APP, paper records for the achievement may be verified: Download the achievement records form now.


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