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Posted Date : 2023-11-02 5069
04-36086789 & 04-22252516
No.30-1, Guangfu Rd., Central Dist., Central Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
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The business philosophy of WAN-WEN is striving for developing Taiwan traditional food to provide customers series products of tasty flavor and good mood every family.


In 1950, Huo-Tsun Liang Started from scratch to establish a store of WAN-WEN. After painstaking research of his operations step by step, he made WAN-WEN become a fish-flavored 50 honored family in Taichung. Half a century, WAN-WEN has been uphold the highest quality standards of manufacture in order to produce tasty, fresh and high-quality sailfish floss for the public taste. Product raw materials wholly come from fish market in Kaohsiung where Ocean fish purchased from, including rich in nucleic acids that is essential to support bone development of children. Won gold standard of food awards, quality guaranteed, never add chemical additives such as borax, preservatives, bleach and so on. Fresh products are nutritional, delicious, and suitable for all ages.

Located in Jiguang Street shopping district, Taichung City. Based on traditional taste and way to make, plus genuine goods at a fair price, it is always in short supply. In 1994, Founder Huo-Tsun Liang purchased lands in Dali Industrial Park, Taichung County and built nearly a thousand square feet of modern automated plant that is health and safety. Comprehensively upgrading the quality and quantity of our production, and also combining fish with agricultural products to create a more diversified prepared food. In 1995, renamed “WAN-WEN Food Processing Industry Co., Ltd.” In 2002, emphasizing CI brand image and striving for the promotion of packaging.



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