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Dakeng Trail No.2

Posted Date : 2024-05-22 4709



Dakeng Trail No. 2 is 1.2 kilometers in length, at an elevation between 478 and 695 meters. It starts at Trail No. 2 entrance, and the end connects to Dakeng Trail No. 5. There are two steep slopes of 60 to 80 degrees on the route. The narrow wooden walkway winds along the ridge of the mountain. Visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Touke Mountain Range here. It is also a popular place for social media check-ins and photo taking.

Visitors enjoy a broad view and soft breeze along the trail. There are several lookout points.

The Hero Slope, the steepest section composed of two wooden walkways, offers spectacular scenery surrounded by mountains. This is a major attraction of Dakeng Trail No. 2. Hikers should hold tight to the ropes and move up the wooden ladders carefully. This is a physical test for the hikers, but is welcomed by those who like challenges.

Dakeng Trail No.2
  • Distance: About 1.2 km. It's recommended for experienced hikers or challengers.
  • Entrance: Visitors can start from Parking lot No.2 and turn right from Dongshan Road to Qingshui Lane and walk about 5 km to get there.
  • Features: There are 2 ties path sections that are close to 60 degree vertical climb and are really difficult and challenging.


Qingshui Ln. & Liankeng Ln. Intersection, Beitun Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
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Official website

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