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Dakeng Trail No. 9-1

Dakeng Trail No. 9-1



Beitun District

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Starting Point:Jingbu Road Ending Point:Dakeng Trail No. 6

Dakeng Trail No. 9-1 is 0.6 kilometers in length at an elevation between 170 and 320 meters. The entrance is located at Lane 383, Jingbu Road, Section 1. From Jingbu Road next to Dakeng Earthquake Park, visitors can turn into Lane 383, and find a parking area before embarking on a high-quality hike.

Dakeng Earthquake Park is located at the former site of Dongshan Middle School and Jungong Elementary School. The school buildings were severely damaged in the Great Earthquake of September 21 in 1999. After the relocation of the schools, Dakeng Earthquake Park was built here.

Pre-trip preparation

It is recommended to bring drinking water in personal bottles.

Visitors are recommended to wear footwear, clothing, and hats suitable for hiking.

There are mosquitoes and other insects in the mountains. It is recommended to wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Apply insect repellent as needed.

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Highlight category

Equipped with physical training facilities or park facilities, this trail is suitable for physical exercises. This trail is gentle in slope, suitable for people of all ages.




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Vistor tips

Dakeng Earthquake Park has educational facilities of various fault landscapes after the earthquake, which are of commemorative significance.

There is a weekend farmer's market near the trail entrance selling fresh and delicious local produce.

If you take Dakeng Trail No. 9-1 up the mountain, you can take Dakeng Trail No. 9 or No. 10 down the mountain to enjoy different scenery of Dakeng Mountain.


Dakeng Trails No. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 9-1 are suitable for people of all ages, while Trails No. 1 to 5 and No. 5-1 are more challenging and suitable for experienced hikers only. Dakeng Trails No. 1 to 5, 5-1, and 10 are featured by steep slopes, not recommended for people with heart disease or in poor physical conditions.

Please take away the garbage you produced along the trail.

Do not feed or disturb wild animals.

Do not build a fire, barbecue, or use gas stoves in the mountains.

To avoid bee stinging, please do not make noise or disturb the bees when you see them. Hikers are advised not to wear perfume or clothes in bright colors. The rule of thumb is, always keeping distance from the bees.

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