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Shuangqi Tribe Maifuping Trail

Shuangqi Tribe Maifuping Trail



Heping District

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Starting Point:Dongqi Road, Section 2 Ending Point:Dongqi Road, Section 2

Shuangqi Tribe Maifuping Trail is 2.6 kilometers in length, at an elevation of 520 to 760 meters. The starting point of the trail is next to the Village Office of Ziyou Village, Heping District. The trail leads up to the ridge through Taoshuyuan mountain trail. The end connects to Dongqi Road, Section 2. The trail stretches along Daan River, a territory of the Shuangqi Tribe of the indigenous Atayal Beishiqun settlement. There are rich natural forest resources, diverse ecosystems, and indigenous culture here.

The narrow and dark entrance to the former tribal aqueduct.

Overlooking Shuangqi Tribe and Daan River valley, the view from the trail is refreshing.

Standing among the towering century-old beech trees with trunks that need to be surrounded by several people joining hands, the natural beauty of the forest is truly marvelous.

Pre-trip preparation

It is recommended to bring drinking water in personal bottles.

Visitors are recommended to wear footwear, clothing, and hats suitable for hiking.

There are mosquitoes and other insects in the mountains. It is recommended to wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Apply insect repellent as needed.

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Magnificent mountain views, suitable for photo taking and social media check-ins. A visit to indigenous tribes to learn about the diverse ethnic cultures of Taiwan.





Vistor tips

Shuangqi Tribe Maifuping Trail used to be an ancient hunting trail of the Atayal Beishiqun people. This is an ideal spot to get close to the mountains and forests, and have an in-depth experience of the diverse ethnic cultures of Taiwan.

The natural landscape of the secluded bamboo forest and century-old beech trees is truly marvelous. A recommended spot for photo taking and social media check-ins.

The stone staircase carved out of natural boulders makes the trail more unique and fun.


Please take away the garbage you produced along the trail.

Do not feed or disturb wild animals.

Do not build a fire, barbecue, or use gas stoves in the mountains.

To avoid bee stinging, please do not make noise or disturb the bees when you see them. Hikers are advised not to wear perfume or clothes in bright colors. The rule of thumb is, always keeping distance from the bees.

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