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Dakeng Trail No. 3

Dakeng Trail No. 3



Beitun District

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Route highlights

Starting Point:Liankeng Alley Ending Point:Dakeng Trail No. 5

Dakeng Trail No. 3 is 1.3 kilometers in length, at an elevation between 415 and 795 meters. It starts at the Trail No. 3 parking lot and the end point connects to Dakeng Trail No. 5, where hikers can turn around and take the same way back. Most of the trail is on the mountain ridge and there are many steep slopes. This is one of the more challenging routes of the Dakeng Trails.

Walking along the mountain ridge, hikers can look out over the surrounding mountains and downtown Taichung City, and enjoy bird watching and even see some red-bellied tree squirrels. No bird watchers would ever want to miss this one .

Pre-trip preparation

It is recommended to bring drinking water in personal bottles.

Visitors are recommended to wear footwear, clothing, and hats suitable for hiking.

There are mosquitoes and other insects in the mountains. It is recommended to wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Apply insect repellent as needed.

On the steep slope, grip-enhancing gloves are needed to hold on tight to the rails.

Suitable for


Highlight category

This is a challenging trail with steep upward and downward slopes for experienced hikers. Magnificent mountain views, suitable for photo taking and social media check-ins.





Vistor tips

Steep slopes are great for experienced hikers who like to challenge themselves.

On the route, you can look out over Taichung City, Touke Mountain, and Xinshe Flower Sea to enjoy a wide view and beautiful scenery.

Rich nature is preserved around the trail, making it an excellent location for observing and learning about animals and plants.


Turning around and taking the same way back is necessary. Please consider your fitness level to estimate the time required for a round-trip hike.

Dakeng Trails No. 1 to 5, and No. 5-1 are not recommended for the elderly and people with high blood pressure.

Please take away the garbage you produced along the trail.

Do not feed or disturb wild animals.

Do not build a fire, barbecue, or use gas stoves in the mountains.

To avoid bee stinging, please do not make noise or disturb the bees when you see them. Hikers are advised not to wear perfume or clothes in bright colors. The rule of thumb is, always keeping distance from the bees.

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