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Tanya Shen Green Bikeway

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway



Fengyuan District, Shengang District, Daya District, Tanzi District


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Starting Point:Tanya Shen Green Bikeway starting point Ending Point:Daya Zhongke Park

Converted from Taiwan Railway’s Shengang Line, Tanya Shen Green Bikeway is 13.1 kilometers in length. There is abundant greenery along the way, with cherry blossoms in early spring, Cassia Fistula (commonly known as the golden shower) in summer, and golden foliage in autumn. The scenery is pleasant and the bikeway slope is gentle and easy, ideal for families with children.

The S-shaped curve is a popular photo spot on Tanya Shen Green Bikeway. Neat street trees stand on both sides of the winding path. Cycling smoothly through the cool shade of trees brings comfort and relaxation.

Zhaixing Villa (Starry Villa) used to be the top of ten private houses in Taiwan. Built in 1871, in late Qing Dynasty, for Zhaoyong General Lin Qizhong, the architecture style is extravagant, with extensive use of Jiaozhi pottery ware and exquisite emboss craftwork.

Pre-trip preparation

It is recommended to bring drinking water in personal bottles.

It is recommended that you bring sunproof clothing, hats, and handkerchiefs in summer, and windproof jackets in winter.

It is recommended to wear shoes that are easy to move and exercise in.

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Tour around Taichung on a bike, enjoy the outdoors. Stroll along Dajia River, get close to local river culture. Take a Michelin star restaurant gourmet tour in Taichung.


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Vistor tips

The path is flat and smooth, offering good riding experience. Rich greenery can be found along the way. The path's scenery varies by season.

Infrastructure and routes are complete and clearly marked, suitable for families, couples, and friends to take a trip together.

Zhaixing Villa (Starry Villa) is well preserved as a historical site, serving as a venue of irregular events. It is an ideal spot for fun and photo-taking.


Bicycle rental shops are located near Tanya Shen Green Bikeway, next to the intersection of Chongde Road and Dafeng Road, and near Chengde Road and Zhanche Park.

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